Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Lucky Girl…and One “Excited” Guy!

Isn’t that how you should refer to the catchers of the bouquet and garter? At most weddings, the participation on the girls side of things is usually a lot more…willing, shall we say? The girl that catches the bouquet usually is excited to get it and feels lucky that she caught it. But the guy that catches the garter? More often than not, you might see them tugging at their tie only minutes later…LOL!

And that’s sort of how I felt about this part of the reception. I would really have been ok just skipping this whole toss tradition…but B wouldn’t hear about it. He wanted the chance to embarrass his single guy friends…not to mention the “fun” of taking my garter off! So, despite my best arguments against it, we kept this one in the line-up.

I can’t tell you for sure when it happened. It was in the middle of all of the dancing…maybe about an hour before we left for the night? But it just seemed easier to slip this in my recaps right here before I start the dancing pictures…so here you go!

First up, the ladies. There were quite a few out there to form the mob…even if it looks like maybe some of them are a bit “underage” to catch a bridal bouquet!
No, I’m not sure what that look on my face is about either…I know that Christina wanted me to do a few “practice” throws for the pictures, so maybe that’s what I was doing…who knows?
And then I let it go…
Our friend, Nicole, was the lucky one that night! And she was SO excited to get it!
Now I don’t know about you, but I think that the groom gets a LOT of enjoyment out of the garter toss…even if the guys catching it don’t really! I’m doing my best to keep my dress down (due to the cameras) and he’s doing his best to reach on in there!
Luckily for me, it just took a few “looks” to get good behavior out of my groom, and the garter was almost off…
He’s victorious!
And as you can see, the group of guys waiting to “catch” the garter is MUCH smaller…with only two that should really be catching it!
B did a few practice throws too…
Now I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like the younger guys are working harder to get it than the two that actually count!
And the outcome was pretty hilarious!
Looks like neither one of them really wanted it!

The funny thing is that the two that caught it are a real-life couple friend of ours…so it was completely appropriate that they were the winners!
And even though I’d like to add a post script to tell you that catching the bridal bouquet DOES in fact work as far as getting you a proposal…I can’t do that. They are still together, happily, but no ring in sight at this time…much to her dismay! I’m sure that it’s coming, Nicole, be patient!

**All photos courtesy of Christina Carroll Photography

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