Friday, April 23, 2010

Family Pictures

There’s really no exciting way to present family pictures, if you ask me...most of my readers don’t know my family...but since there are some family members who do read my blog, I think that they should be posted.

There were a couple of items that needed to be “set up” for the reception, like lighting candles, and a few things that needed to be taken down from the ceremony, like those chairs that we rented...and doing the family portraits right after the wedding gave us a little bit of time to do these things. Our wedding party went off on their missions, and we stayed with most of our family members and smiled and said “Cheese!” for the obligatory family portraits.

So without further ado...or too many comments, let me present our family pictures.

First up...our new family...
And just the cutie pies by brothers and sisters! J was REALLY excited to call T her brother officially now...T? Well, he tried not to act too excited, but then again, he's 12...boys at the age try to act like everything's not really all that cool!Us with our minister...who did a FABULOUS job on the ceremony!My Mom and step-dad...Adding in my little sister and step-brother (with family) this would be my Mom's side of the family...Then with my Dad and step-mom...Adding in my step-sister and her family...Then all of my aunts, uncles and cousins from that side of the Dad's side of the family...Us with B's Dad and step-mom...Adding in his grandmother...Then adding in sister and step-brothers...Then we called up my ex-step-dad (who raised me) for a quick shot...And then we added in my little sister...And finally, I wanted one more shot...with ALL of our parents...past, present, step or otherwise...I would have really liked to have had one more family picture...B had a LOT of family that was present on our wedding day that is not pictured here. I guess that they all (aunts, uncles, cousins) thought that the announcement for family to stick around mainly meant immediate family members. The best we can figure is that they hit the bar - lucky people!

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