Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We’re Man and Wife!

I’ve spent this past weekend organizing my wedding pictures...and yes, there were 395 that just HAD to be printed out for myself! Wink, wink!! No, my Mom was in town and I’ve been meaning to print them all out and put them in an album so that family members could look at them easier than perusing the 4 discs that we got from our photographer...but between home remodeling and baby stuff...wedding pictures kind of fell to the back burner.

But this visit prompted my little toosh to get in gear, and I ordered ALL 395 of my “favorites” to be printed. (And yes, it helped that Walgreen’s was running a great sale on prints!) We looked through them this weekend, and then I spent about an hour last night putting them “in order.” This was actually an easier process than I thought...I suppose working on my recaps has helped and I was able to put all the pictures into two large envelopes before I went to bed last night. Then, this morning, I took about 30 minutes and got most of the file names on the back of each shot...this was a hard-learned lesson from previous photo shoots – label your pictures well...that way when a family says “I want a copy of this one!” you know exactly which one this one is!

Anyway, all of that was a rambling way to say that looking at my wedding pictures over the last few days makes me SO happy! Most importantly, I love, love, LOVE seeing the smiles and laughter that are apparent in almost every single picture. Yes, the boys tried to not smile and just stand there and look serious...but for the most part, there was so much joy and laughter on our wedding day. And isn’t that the way that it should be? I know, from past experience, that this is not always the case...but looking at our wedding pictures I am just overwhelmed all over again with how MUCH happiness there was that day.

It flowed from us, from our families who (I hope!) we so happy to see each of us happy, and from our friends who had been there with us through the good and bad times before in our lives...and they were all celebrating right along with us. What a wonderful feeling...and how truly blessed we are!

I hope that is what you take away from these next few posts...the joy...the smiles...the laughter...and yes, the LOVE that is so apparent to me in these pictures.

So now that I’ve said all of that...let’s get to those pictures, shall we? We last left off right after the hand fasting ceremony and we were about to seal the deal with a great, big sloppy kiss! Well, maybe not that sloppy...

Our minister said some closing words and then spoke B’s favorite part of the ceremony – “You may now kiss your bride!”

We paused to take in the moment...
Then laid one on each other!I love that the second photographer captured the moment from a different angle...and that it was a bit closer!And there was laughter...just pure joy!And possibly a few great, big, belly laughs...I can’t tell you much about the kiss...but I can tell you how extremely happy I was at that moment. Total bliss. There’s no other way to describe it, I don’t think. I was finally married to the man of my dreams!

I got my bouquet back from MOH, and we turned to face the audience as the minister announced our new names...and then the applause and cat calls started!What didn’t start? The music right away...so there was an awkward moment or two...And after the mishap at the start of the ceremony...there were a few chuckles here!Once James Brown started singing his diddy, we moved on down the aisle, hand in hand, as husband and wife. I was ecstatic the whole walk down the aisle...just had the biggest grin on my face EVER! Our wedding party followed suit, and we all gathered at the back of the clearing.
As we made our way around the side of the clearing, back towards the front of the ceremony site for family pictures, the minister made the announcement for family to please stick around for some photos and friends could head to the reception hall, just across the road. It was a smooth transition to picture time...and I can remember nothing other than how happy we were...just kept squeezing each other’s hand, sneaking little kisses, and telling each other how much we loved the other one!

A perfect ending to the ceremony, if you ask me!

**All photos courtesy of Christina Carroll Photography

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  1. So beautiful....love them all!
    Congrats again!

  2. these pictures are stunning. i love the wooden arch way. it makes for a beautiful altar. congrats on a lovely wedding!