Sunday, March 21, 2010

Arriving at the Stay!

**For those of you readers who have patiently waited for posts with pictures...get ready! There's not another post where I didn't have a photographer near to capture the events! Get ready for wedding picture overload!!!

Leaving Whataburger, we made it back to the hotel, where J went with my Mom to get her bath and I settled down for about 15 minutes in a quick bath of my own. If you remember, I had started two nights earlier and although the cramps that had plagued me the day before we thankfully MIA, I still felt the need to be as clean as possible before putting on a wedding dress. Sorry if that’s TMI...

We headed back to the venue with our suitcases in tow and met up with all the other girls to start getting ready. I was shocked (pleasantly so) to discover that the boys were on time and we spent a few minutes jockeying B around so that he didn’t see me (his choice) as I got out of the car and into my room. MOH and Maid Britney worked on getting my stuff out of the car so that J and I could stay out of sight with the curtains securely closed.

But once you’re inside the room, only having make-up left to do...and getting dressed, which you have to wait for the photographer for, what’s a girl to do to pass the time? And maybe more importantly, how do you entertain a 7-year old during that time?

Nintendo DS to the rescue!

On one hand, I feel like a “bad” mom for leaving my child to play a video game on this all-important day, but there were only so many hands available in our dressing room, and I had some stuff to do. To be fair though, as soon as the basic make-up was on my face, she got to come into the bathroom for her turn with the make-up brushes and perfume sprays.

Then MOH (I’m pretty sure) took her and tried to repair her hair. One of the girls had thoughtfully brought a curling iron and they all set about either helping me with the details on my make-up or getting J’s hair re-curled a little bit...and in between they got themselves ready too! These ladies were truly amazing...

Before I knew it, everything that could be done was done. I was dressed in my corset-bra and petticoat, wandering aimlessly around our dressing rooms. Back and forth between the main room and the bathroom area...back and forth...not nervous, just possessing an abundance of energy! I had peed like 3 or 4 times already, and really had nothing left to do. And what’s a bride to do when she’s got time on her hands? Why, peek out the window, of course! I could see a handsome groom standing outside...just a few feet away from where I was and he looked SO handsome!!!

Like any good bridesmaid, my girls got onto me for peeking out the window...and I quickly reminded them that he was the one who didn’t want to see me, not the other way around. Somehow my very logical argument didn’t hold up, and they got the task of keeping me away from the windows in addition to everything else that they were doing! J thought that it was pretty funny that I was getting "in trouble!"

Before I knew it we were all ready and dressed...well, except for me that is. We had to wait on the photographer to capture those “getting ready” moments...and she was running a few minutes behind.

Luckily for my sanity, she got there about 5 minutes later and we set about getting some snapshots and getting me into my dress. My Mom also arrived about this time to lend a hand and be involved in this part of the process...I mean, how does a girl get married without her Mom there helping her get dressed? That applies even if it’s not your first wedding! Who cares if she’s done this before? She’s still your Mom, you’re still her daughter and the tradition needs to be honored.

Before we could start getting ready, the photographer took some shots of my dress hanging... Yes, I'm THAT bride that totally had a brain-fart and forgot to bring/make a pretty hanger for the picture of my dress hanging! Other brides out there, see how ugly it is? Don't be like me! Find a pretty hanger and take it with you... I still love the "Booby Bling" the best!

Then she took some of my accesories and got some great shots of them...they totally make my attempts at taking pictures look SO amateurish! But I guess that's why she's a professional photographer and I have a normal 8-5 job...

When Christina asked if she could borrow my e-ring, bouquet and shoes for a minute, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Of course, like most of her work, I LOVED the final result...check it out for yourself...

Some close-ups of my bouquet...
I LOVE that she caught my MeMa's earrings on the bouquet...
Didn't it turn out so nice? It sits on my nightstand even now, as I type this, and every night when I turn the light off, it's the last thing that I see each night...and it puts a big smile on my face.
Here's the shoes, sexy and sassy!
To be perfectly honest, Christina "borrowed" our rings twice that day...once before the ceremony and then once during the reception. I can't swear that these shots were the ones taken before the ceremony...but at this point, I'm not that picky! I think that they turned out great!
And last, but not least, another of my favorite shots. While Christina was outside getting those photos, look who’s in the background taking after her mother... All photos courtesy of Christina Carroll Photography

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