Friday, January 22, 2010

5 Minutes is All that I Need

The morning of the wedding I had a plan. Get up. Eat a good breakfast (some more of those waffles!). Take a shower. Use the hotel computer center to do a post about how I felt that day and how excited I was to marrying my best friend. Get my hair done. Go the hall to check on last minute things. Get married. Enjoy the party.

Ok, so looking over that list, not all of it was for the morning. But you get my drift, right? Well, what is that saying about the best-laid does it go again? Oh yeah.

The good news is that the important things got done. I did eat my waffles. I did get my shower and make it to the hair salon on time. But I didn’t have time to go to the computer center and put pen and paper to the thoughts in my head and feelings in my heart...and I guess in the grand scheme of things, if something had to get not done...that would a good choice. But now, looking back, I really wish that I had made the time.

And really, 5 minutes is all that I needed...but 5 minutes on your wedding day is maybe harder to get than you might think. And truthfully, I had actually thought about writing that all-important post ahead of time and scheduling it to post that morning. But when I sat down to do that the week of the wedding, it felt like I was cheating. Saying that I’m writing something on a day when I didn’t really write it. I know that I’m just being picky on myself, but whatever. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Looking back now...nearly 3 months after the day...if this is all that I have to complain or gripe about with my wedding, then I had a GREAT wedding! The fact that I didn’t make the time to write a post to B telling him how I felt that day...not so important in the “big picture.” I mean, he doesn’t even read this who would I really be telling? You guys already know how much I care for this man, the love in my heart that was just overflowing that day...and truthfully, I think that he knew it when I came down the aisle! Wink, wink.

So I’ve made my peace with the post that didn’t happen. Like I said before, with so much else needing to get done that day, all of them being a little more important to make sure that they got ended up being ok that I didn’t make it to the computer center.

After breakfast was eaten, and relatives were greeted and hugged, little J and I were showered and cleaned...we barely had 10 minutes left to get to the hair salon for our appointments. We cut it close enough as it was. I’m sure that B will forgive me...but in keeping honest with myself and the reason that I started this little blog in the first place, I had to tell you that I just needed 5 extra minutes the morning of my wedding.

Next up – J and I go get our hair done! Get ready for a little bit of drama...

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner

So I’m a really bad bride. I have not ONE single picture from our rehearsal dinner...yeah, I’m flogging myself you don’t have to do it for me. I’m sure that there are pictures out there from family and friends, but I don’t have any of them that I know we’ll do the best that we can.
Since the rehearsal itself went off without even the slightest of problems, you had to know something was coming sooner or later, right? Getting to the rehearsal dinner is where we ran into problems.

And here’s some words of advice that I can offer future brides: Don’t trust the map that you pull off of a restaurant’s website. Look at it closely, if you’re familiar with the area, and make sure that everything is right. My new map was NOT correct, and two cars ended up getting “lost” in San Marcos.

I went to the Johnny Carino’s website and pulled directions that they gave me, so I didn’t think to double check anything. Unfortunately, their directions had people exiting two exits too soon, and from there the rest of the directions led them nowhere. Luckily, most of the guests lived in or around the San Marcos area and were at least a little familiar with where the restaurant was in town. Unluckily, it was my Mom that got the most lost! They found their way eventually, but I felt SO bad about the map being wrong.

So double check, even triple check, directions that you get from someone else for accuracy, especially if you pull them off of the internet!

After that little snafu, the dinner went off without a hitch. The food was great, the drinks flowed, and conversation filled the room. We laughed and joked and just relaxed together on our last night before getting married. Right at the end of dinner, B’s dad got up and made a toast to us...I wish that I could remember exactly what he said because it was so sweet! He actually got a little choked up on it, and ended up shortening it quite a bit from what he intended to say...we didn’t care though, it felt so good to be surrounded by so much love! After that toast, we got up and thanked everyone for being there and being in our lives supporting us in our marriage and we proceeded to pass out some gifts.

My girls got their gifts and ooohed and aaahed appropriately, and B passed out his gifts to the guys. We only had one parent gift to give out, and that was to B’s parents for hosting the rehearsal dinner. If you remember from here, we had intended to pay half of the cost ourselves, but in the end they wouldn’t hear of it. So in return, we got them tickets to the last home UT football game against Kansas. They were thrilled and so touched by our thoughtfulness and they really appreciated our gift. (I know because we watched the game that they were at and B’s dad texted us every 5 minutes to see if we could see them on TV!) They had a blast at the game, and we were glad to give them something that they enjoyed SO much!

After the gifts were given, it was time to go. B and I took a few moments alone to say our was the last time that I would see him until the ceremony the next day...and I’m really glad that we took the time to have a moment with just us. The whole day had been spent running around and being in a big group, so it was nice to have 5 minutes alone.

Once back at the hotel, the girls and I had some more work to do, but with all three Maids helping and my wonderful Mom pitching in as well, it all got done within the hour and we headed off to bed. After the stress of the day, I needed a bubble bath to help me relax (and to help with those cramps!) so I made sure to take advantage of the time that I had and relaxed for a bit. I fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of how tomorrow would unfold...

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