Monday, May 3, 2010

It’s the Smallest Things...

…that make your wedding day perfect. I thought before I got to the reception pictures that I would share with you the up close and detail shots that our photographer, Christina Carroll, got of the décor around the reception hall.

These were all the projects that I sweat and slaved over...pouring all of my creativity and craftiness into making...and it was SO special to me that she got pictures of it all. To me, these are the things that made our wedding about US...they’re what made our wedding stand out and be special in our minds and in other’s minds.

Hope you enjoy!

Our programs – laying in their basket...the basket that I bought on sale, spray painted and made the liner for…
And a close-up on one of the programs all opened up...
Our Mason jar drinking glasses, which I painstakingly used as escort/seating cards...I printed them all out, stamped them, embossed them, mounted them and then tied them on...lots of work – but SO worth the effort!
And a special shot of my glass...this is the last time that you’ll see it empty!
Our favors...snickerdoodle cookies that I made from scratch...along with the labels explaining about our charitable Maids and Mom helped me stuff all of those cookies and seal all the bags. So much hard work, and SO yummy!
The main table that guests saw when they walked into the reception hall...all decorated with our signing book and kids activity books.
A close up of the activity books...
And some shots of the quilt-piece “signature book” update on how that quilt is coming soon, I promise!
And now for the table arrangements...our bridal table...
Our bridal party centerpieces...recognize those bouquets?
And our guest tables...
Like I said before...all of these elements added together make your wedding your own. Was it a pain in the butt to work on all of this stuff? Sure it was. But I enjoyed most of it. And to me, the end result was MORE than worth it! Our wedding was exactly as I had envisioned it...rustic elegance...and it was all of these small details that helped make it that way! And, Mom/MOH, you HAVE to admit that those EGGGPLANT tablecloths really MADE the room!!! LOL!!! It was worth all the time that it took to find them, huh? ;)

**All photos courtesy of Christina Carroll Photography

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