Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The "Group" Says Cheese!

**Oops! I missed my goal of having these recaps done by the time that our 6-month anniversary passed...oh well, it's good to have goals, right? It gives you something to shoot for...even if you don't always make it! I thought that it would be close, but let's be honest...I don't even have all of the pictures uploaded to Blogger yet...I need to pick up the pace!!

Once the gals and I were finished with our round of giggles prompted by this episode, we were ready for our bridal party pictures. Like I mentioned before, we traipsed back out to the LOVELY field that was behind our reception hall, and it gave us a gorgeous backdrop to use for these pictures.

The only thing that was a small concern was that during the time when we were taking these pictures, there was a wedding going on at the hall right next to us. Like, as in, they were having their entrance right when we were making our way to the back field for our pictures. I was a little worried that we might be too noisy and ruin another bride’s wedding, but lucky for me our friends are just as considerate as we are and once we were all aware of the problem, we made sure to keep the noise level down.

(If you’ll remember, that was my one concern with booking at Texas Old Town – how close Redbud Hall and Tejas Hall sit next to one another. But as far as I know, this was the only time that we even slightly crossed paths, so Danny (the manager) was right and it was a non-issue!)

So on to the eye candy...we started with the "couples" staggered behind us...And then we kissed...and yes, there might have been some cat calling...We all got in a line and smiled very prettily for the camera...And then Christina moved us into some more casual shots...which turned out to be my favorites!Yes, that's all fake laughter...it's hard to laugh on command!Once we finished up the bridal party shots, we released everyone back to the main reception hall (or the bathroom) except for MOH in case we needed something held. Up next – we pose for the camera...you don’t think that they’re all going to be seductive and romantic looking do you? You should know better by now! Stay tuned – there’s some good ones!

**All photos courtesy of Christina Carroll Photography

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