Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Sneak Peek at the Venue...

So after figuring out what to do about my hair and J’s hair, we left the beauty shop and headed out to Texas Old Town (Redbud Hall) for a quick look around to see how everything was coming. This was probably the hardest thing that I had to do – leave things up to others. You know, others who didn’t have my vision (because I hadn’t properly shared it with anyone) and who might not do it the way that I would do things. But do you complain about angels in disguise on your wedding day? No, you do NOT. You smile, say thank you and a bask in the amazement that there are other people on the planet that can follow instructions and take charge of situations.

My mom, Maid Momma, and my MIL and SIL were such angels as these...put here on earth to help put the finishing touches on the venue so that our day would be as perfect as possible. Now, don’t get me wrong. There were a TON of other people who worked their butts off the day before, including yours truly to get as much done as possible so that all the “big stuff” was taken care of before the day of the wedding...and just the little things, finishing touches if you would prefer, were left to handle. Everyone in our family and our closest friends REALLY came through for us to make our day perfect and there will never be enough words to express our full gratitude. But I'm thinking that my Mom might get a special word of thanks for the 200+ plates that she not only carried around for a day in her car, but had to lug inside and set up...along with help from the rest of the team! But that was extra-hard work the day of the wedding that I hadn't really thought about...

So since I’ve done a few posts without ANY pictures (bad bride!) here are some shots of what I saw when I walked in...

The venue as a whole

The Bar Menu and some left-over decor

A close-up of the table signs and floral centerpieces

The sign-in table and activity books for kids

The empty cake table

The "place cards" table for seating assignments

I’ll apologize if these are all pictures that I’ve shown off before, but since it’s been a few months for both of us maybe a refresher is a good thing! I promise that the next post will have some of the photographer's pictures in them...finally!

When J and I got there, my Mom, Maid Momma and SIL were putting the finishing touches on setting out the plates and silverware and organizing the buffet area. Trying to keep J as still as possible (an impossible task, I agree!) I had her stay in the reception hall with my Mom while I unloaded my car. I had put together all of the last minute items that needed to be brought to our dressing room that we wouldn’t need in a quick sponge bath before we packed up and left the hotel. You know, things like make-up, hair stuff, activities for J in an attempt to keep her still and calm, bouquets for the girls, and bouts for the boys. You know, all that “crap” that accumulates in your house before the big day that MUST be there on the big day.

I also made sure that my dress and J’s dress were hung and ready to go...Maid Britney and MOH had steamed the last of my wrinkles out that morning and didn’t it look grand?
Didn't J's dress look so cute too? I'm pretty sure that the girls gave this one a once over too...My favorite part of my dress - to this day - the beadwork and sparkles...
Satisfied that all was well, it was time to run grab some lunch and then go back to the hotel for a quick rinse off and to pack up our stuff.

Yes, eating inside Whataburger when you’re wearing a veil is fun. LOTS of fun. More importantly, J thought that it was neat that everyone was looking at me...I thought that it was mildly annoying when people kept asking “Are you getting married today?”

Just once, I wish that I could have said the thoughts running through my head: “No. I’m not. I just like to walk around with a veil literally attached to my head. It’s fun. Really. You should try it.”

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