Friday, April 2, 2010

The Boys Smile and Say “Cheese!”

Since I’m not a guy...and since my guy didn’t want to see me on our wedding day until I was walking down the aisle, I’m not really privy to what went on in the infamous Boy’s Dressing Room. I’ve asked, purely for informational purposes of writing this blog I assure you, and was given explanations that were long-winded and included words like “guy time” and “man cave” and so on and so forth. But I think that Christina captured the happenings better than words could express...I give you the Boy’s Room...Yep, that probably sums it up.

When peeking through the window, I could clearly see them getting much use out of their new flasks that we gave them as groomsmen gifts...which warmed my heart, to be sure. At the same time, no bride wants a drunk groom (or even one that slightly smells/tastes of liquor) so I promptly dispatched one of the Maids to remind B to “please, please, pretty please” brush his teeth and use mouthwash before walking down the aisle. Yes, I know that he’s a grown man, fully capable of using the common sense that God blessed him with and brushing his own teeth of his own free will. But cut me some slack...I was a was my wedding day...and one thing that I didn’t want to experience right then was Jack D.

Poor MOH. At least, I think that it was MOH. I think that B gave her a piece of his mind...fully exasperated that I would actually send someone to tell him to brush his teeth...likehe was five years old...but he took it well. He humored me. And she still stood by me, so all was well in my world. And it gave us girls something to giggle over!

Once Christina and her assistant finished with the girl’s pictures it was time to start with the guys. To be completely fair, I forgot to give Christina a list of pictures that I wanted taken. So she followed the same pattern that we have used for the girls: group shots, individual shots and then one of B and his son together. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this pattern – at all. It got me all the pictures that I wanted, and I’m pretty sure that B could have cared less about pictures with his guys.

But this is a very important lesson that I learned. Even though you think that you know (in your head) what pictures you want, it’s good to have a list to give to your photographer. Pictures of the girls’ matching shoes? Not done. Pictures of the guys’ matching socks? Not done either. And this was NOT the photographer’s fault, it was mine. Oh well, live and learn. But maybe another bride out there reading this will take this to heart and learn from my mistake. Is me wedding day any less complete not having those shots? No. But I went to a LOT of trouble to find those matching items...specifically so that I could do THAT shot that I had been seeing over and over on Weddingbee and other wedding yeah, it would have been nice to have it. Oh well.

The shots that she got turned out great! Here are the handsome men...first up, group shots...Would it kill them to smile? B and his Best Man...this guy had style, class and charisma...I promise that you’ll see it in other pictures coming up soon, because here he's just trying to look all serious!B and Groomsman BNow that’s more like it! That’s a smile...wonder what was so funny?B and Groomsman RAnd another one of my favorite pictures, B and his son, T...even if they're not smiling!Aren’t they handsome? You can totally see the resemblance!

You might notice that there aren’t as many pictures of the guys as we took of the girls...yeah, that’s because they’re guys. And they had humored me all that they were going to with this picture business. So they headed off to brush their teeth (LOL!) and get ready to make the walk down the’s showtime!

**All photos courtesy of Christina Carroll Photography

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