Thursday, April 8, 2010

It’s Show Time!

When we last left off, the photographer had done the pictures with the girls...then quickly wrapped up her session with the guys...and it was about five minutes until show time. The girls and I had just a few minutes for a quick pee break (that was for me) and a quick check on make-up and hair. Bouquets were handed out and the girls made me wait at the corner of the building well-hidden out of sight.

The processional had to start first, before I could make my way out of my “hidey-hole” and start the trek over behind the bushes and stay out of sight until my moment. But before I could come out of hiding, B had to make his way down the aisle. And before he could do that, we had to get the grandparents and parents seated.

First up...B’s grandmother on his Dad’s side, with her son (B’s Dad walking her down the aisle).
In fact, she was the only grandparent present to be seated. I’ve only got one left, and she wasn’t up to making the trip to the wedding, and B’s other grandmother had taken a fall the week before and wasn’t enough recovered to make the wedding. So seating the grandparents was pretty snappy.

I’m a firm believer in the husband walking the wife down the aisle. Not having the mother ushered in and the father following along behind like a good little puppy dog. But that’s just my personal preference. Plus, this was a pretty small wedding, and we had no ushers. So the order of the parents coming in was very important, as two Dads had to do double duty.

Once B’s dad seated his mom, he had to make his way back to the back of the aisle for his wife...and since my own Dad needed to escort his wife in and then come back for me, our order made perfect sense for our scenario. I’ll let the pictures show the line-up.

We’ve already seen B’s Dad and grandmother. Up next was my Dad and step-mother.B’s Dad and step-mother.It's totally OK to wave at people when you're making your walk...
And finally, my Mom and step-father. That order gave everyone the time that they needed to make their first escort, seat them (or drop them off) and then get back to the back of the aisle in time for their next escort. Luckily, no one had more than one person to escort, so it all worked out well for us.

After the parents were seated, it was the guys’ turn to make their big entrance, which then meant that I could come out of “hiding!” The minister led the way...Followed by a handsome groom...who was looking a little serious with NO smile!Groomsman R...Groomsman B...And then our Best Man...S...the man of the hour. Remember earlier when I mentioned that he had style/charisma? Here’s the proof that I was talking about. The other groomsmen simply made a walk down the aisle, no big deal. But that wasn’t good enough for this guy...he walked in with panache...there’s just no other word for it. Check it out. What did I tell you? He is a HOOT!! Trust me, these pictures don’t even capture half of what this guy’s got! And you know that it had to be funny, since there were more pictures of HIM coming down the aisle than there were of any of the other guys! Even the photographer recognized his "presence!"
He must have caught the "evil eye" from his own fiance, because he finished his walk with a sheepish look on his face...Anyway, once the Best Man finished his “saunter” down the aisle our ring bearer, B’s son, made his way down the aisle. Looking just about an uncomfortable as an eleven year-old boy in a suit is supposed to look when all eyes are on him. And then it was our turn. The girls had been moving me steadily closer to the ceremony site...while still being very careful to keep me hidden behind bushes and shrubs so that I stayed out of sight as long as possible.

First up, Maid Britney...Then Maid Momma...who was looking at the ground a lot...Being pregnant like she was, she was probably worried about falling down...with the ground being as uneven as it was...Followed lastly by MOH...And then it was J’s big moment. She concentrated so hard on walking and dropping those flower petals...check out her concentration. She certainly didn’t mind the attention that T seemed to be embarrassed by! Once she had made her was my turn. Did nerves hit me? Did I have a moment of panic? Or was I totally calm and ready to make this journey? Stay tuned to find out!

**All photos courtesy of Christina Carroll Photography

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