Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here Comes the Bride! And Groom!

B will totally be mortified that I’m sharing this picture with you all, but there is no other way to open this post...

Yep, that’s my husband. Literally SKIPPING and JUMPING for joy while waiting to be introduced to our reception...he’s SUCH a ham!

I can’t believe that one of the photographers caught that on film...and I’m just super-duper sneaky for sharing it with one and all! But it really relays with actions how we all felt at that moment, so it was too perfect not to share.

The pictures were taken, the guests were all inside the reception hall (mostly) and the wedding party reunited outside the reception doors for our grand entrance. We quickly met with the DJ and went over name pronunciations, and she went back inside to start the show. To say that we were antsy was an I need to show B’s picture again?!?!

Having the ceremony over and done with and being finished with our pictures meant only one thing to was time to PARTY! Not that we were planning on getting stinking drunk or anything, but the relief at having most of the wedding over and down with was so huge. Now it was time to relax, sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors over the past several good food, visit with family and friends and most importantly dance the night away!

The DJ called us in pairs...Maid Britney and Groomsman R went first...

Followed by Maid Momma and Groomsman B...

Then MOH and Best Man S...and no, you haven’t seen the last of his antics yet!

And then it was our turn...Mr. and Mrs.!

I have to tell you that walking into our reception hall was the second best moment of the whole entire day! (Second only to being pronounced man and wife and kissing my husband to “seal the deal!”) The amount of love and support was just literally pouring off of our family and friends as they stood at our entrance and clapped. I was literally overwhelmed. It almost moved me to tears, and had B not been holding my hand dragging me towards the back and to the food, I think that I would have been struck dumb. You know, like when you can’t talk or even move because you just don’t know how to react? It was SUCH a positive outpouring of well-wishes, love and cheer for us that I didn’t know what to do.

Coolest thing ever!

We had made the decision earlier that the wedding party would start the food line, so we didn’t stop at any of the tables to talk to anyone. We just worked our way to the back of the room and fixes ourselves a plate of delicious BBQ and sides. It was mouth-watering good. I wish that I had pictures...oops, just another thing on my list of pictures that I should have specified – once again, it’s important to have lists! It doesn’t mean that you’re OCD or’s just good practice on such a busy day.

We took our food back to the front of the room and I immediately dug in. B was the gentleman and took our glasses back to the bar so that they could be filled with a drink, and I didn’t even offer to help...I was SO hungry! The food was wonderful, my plate didn’t even look like I had touched it after I was all done with it. Having the separate table on stage to ourselves really gave us a few minutes to sit back and enjoy. Yes, some people came up and talked to us and gave us hugs and well wishes, but for the most part, we had a few minutes as husband and wife to take it all in.

Our bridal party and their families surrounded us, and being trapped back in the corner with a bridal gown, heels and stairs really made it easy to just sit back and let someone else bring me what I needed! I won’t lie – I totally ate it up! It was nice to be waited on hand and foot, people!

Before I knew it, I was stuffed, and it was time to make our rounds and visit with all of the guests. We had timed things just right, it seemed – we finished just as the last person that was in line for food at the buffet got back to their table. I wanted to make it to each table and thank everyone personally for coming and celebrating with us, but I know that it didn’t happen. In reality, people get up and move around once they finish eating and I can’t blame them for that. I will say that I think that I hugged/talked to about 85-90% of the guests in attendance during our rounds, so that’s not bad!

Did you struggle to make it around to all of your tables too? I’m curious...

**All photos courtesy of Christina Carroll Photography

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