Thursday, August 20, 2009

It Hit Me Like Lightning...

There might be some doubting Thomas’ out there when I make this post, but I PROMISE that I had this idea LONG before I saw these pictures…

Yep, Mason jars at our wedding. L.O.V.E. it. Seriously, love it.

This is how it all started…you might remember a ranting post written about the wedding industry as a whole. (If not, you can refresh your memory here) And now that this post has gone out, you understand my obsession with trying REALLY hard to stay on budget and why that was so important to me at the time. Not that it’s not important now, it still is…but less important if I go over when I know that I still have a job. Anyway, so I was stressing, trying to find some ways to cut our rental bill down a bit. In case you don't recall, I posted here about an idea for heping with that.

And I’m still working on some more ideas, but in the meantime, I had a brainstorm. I was literally struck by lightning with a brilliant idea…so brilliant that I didn’t even get a raised eyebrow from B when I pitched it to him.

You see, I could work around the silverware issue. Either plastic that looks real, or something cheap from Sam’s bought in bulk. I can live with that. And the plates really weren’t all that expensive to rent, and they were important to me (for some silly reason that I can’t explain). So that just left me with the glasses. I had had a thought previously to do something with custom labels on water bottles for the kids where I could leave a spot for them to write their names on them. That way they could always find which bottle was theirs. Genius, right? Yeah, I know. I was sitting at my desk at work, obsessing, like normal…thinking about those labels.

And from out of the blue, the thought struck me to use Mason jars as drinking glasses. Mason jars with name tags on them…cutesy and tied with twine to give it that rustic look. That way everyone would not lose their glass all night, not just the kiddos or people drinking water. That would look SO cute, right?


The best part? These could double as our escort cards should we decide to do assigned seating – yes, the jury is still out on that one. How awesome is THAT?!?!

The even better part? When MOH called me that night to discuss some of my posts around that time, she and I started talking about this idea and she fell in love with it too. And then it turns out that her family’s business actually stocks items in their store from a company that carries Mason jars. I gave her the model # the next day and she got me a price that was WAY cheaper than anywhere else on the internet than I could find! Yea for saving money!

All in all, the jars (which people can take home with them as a small memento if they so choose) will cost us around $100 and the tags and such can be made from the scraps of the invitations. The ball of twine should run me only about $5, so I’m set!

SOOOOO excited about this project! It just fits with the overall theme and feel of our wedding, and ties in some other projects all together. I love it! And since there was almost $200 in our budget for glass rentals, this option is a little more budget friendly. Then when I saw those pictures posted this week on snippet&, I fell in love with the idea all over again!

Did you have something come together like this for you? Did it happen early on in planning or later on?

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