Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Big, Mean Wedding Machine

Yes, ladies, I’m talking about the industry that forces you to pay extra money because your event is a wedding. The industry that offers you glimpses into the world with beautiful imagery and photography until you’re brainwashed that you HAVE to have whatever it is that you just saw, no matter the cost. The industry that somehow gets a girl to believe that regular folding chairs just will NOT work for her ceremony site.

Why, oh why, do rentals have to be SO expensive? And WHY is it that the people renting the stuff to you have to be SO nosy and ask again and again until you break from the pressure to admit that it’s a wedding that you’re renting the items for? Dang salespeople. I mean, I know that we all need to make a little bit of the green stuff, it makes the world go round. And I’m not opposed to paying a fair price for a fair product, I’m really not. But why, oh why, do my rental “needs” have to stretch my meager budget?

And not just stretch. Like totally blow it out of the water. Seriously. I had a certain amount budgeted in my head (granted, that I probably pulled out of thin air) and the VERY nice lady at the closest rental place wants DOUBLE my budget. Not just a few hundred over, but double. Let me say it again, D-O-U-B-L-E. And to think, I really liked her.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I still really like her. And I’ll still probably use for her company for some things, just not everything. Not by far. I wrote here that I was certain that I could find the right folding chairs for the ceremony for around $2 a piece. I’m a girl on a mission to prove myself true. The crazy lady wants $3.50...which just stretches me too much.

Lucky for me, the company that is providing my linens also does napkins...not lucky for me that they’re not any cheaper than the crazy lady wanted. Oh well. I’ll still get them from her since she’s already doing my linens, just to make things easy. So I wrote her to have her change our contract and I’ll check with her on chair covers, just in case that’s the option that I decide to go with. (Read “If I can’t find the chairs for cheap enough.”)

Anyone else out there shocked at the price tag that you pay for rental items? Or have you encountered a heftier price just because it’s for a wedding?

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