Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Do List, Nerves, and Excitement

Well, the clock is ticking, and deadlines for projects and due dates are looming. That’s right. We’re officially under 20 days now (16 to be exact!) and time is flying out the window...

I’ve been a busy little bee, with LOTS of help from my “helper bees” collecting those missing RSVPs. I needed to get a rough number that was more firm than an estimate in so that I can adjust rental contracts and such for chairs, linens, napkins and plates. Also, it helps me know how many programs and flower petal bags that I really need to make (or not make any more, as the case may be!).

I’m excited to say that most of my DIY projects are done. Things are wrapping up quickly and it’s highly unlikely that any “new” projects will be started, unless it’s something that I just can’t live without. (I can’t imagine what that would be at this moment!)

What have I been working on? Well, let’s see...

The Maids gifts are finished. Well, almost. The main gift is done and ready to go. There are some smaller gifts that will accompany their main gift, and I’m working on getting those wrapped up and completed this weekend.

The programs are in the process of being printed, cut and assembled. I got the eyelets that I needed at Michael’s last night, so once the printing and cutting is done, I’ll be ready to go. I’m still working a little bit on the design portion of the programs, but overall, the concept’s there.

We (B and I) are still trying to decide about assigned seating. But with all of your help (Thanks everyone who commented and left me with suggestions!) we managed to come up with a list of 16 table names that we like. Also, according to reader suggestions, we’re leaving them numbered as well...for ease of finding tables and such. Maybe I’ll work up a overall “map/layout” of some kind and leave it standing on the table where the mugs will be sitting.

B decided on the question of how to tie the knot...and we’re compromising a bit on it. He picked option A (find it here if you can’t remember) and then when we attach the separate tag giving a table name/number (if we do assigned seating) we’ll tie it like option C. Cute, huh? The table tags are designed and ready to print, stamp and emboss and cut. I’ll probably try to knock that out this weekend.

Our music list is almost finalized. We made a final pass through the rest of the DJ’s library of music, and are working now to finalize our Must Play and Play if Possible lists...along with gathering those special dance songs.

Rose petal bags are done. I thought that I would need 160 bags of petals to throw, but our actual number is looking to be closer to the 120-130 range. I “think” that I have 120 bags done. So I might make 10-20 extra just to be on the safe side, but I need to count and see how many I’ve gotten completed to be sure.

Cookies are rolled and frozen, ready to go. I am still working on having enough cookies for everyone...making 2 batches every other night. I’ll be finished with them by next week. But since our guest count is lower than expected, I only need three or four more batches to be done! That WILL be done before the weekend starts, hopefully. Cross that project off!

I booked a new hairdresser yesterday. Thanks for all of your advice and support in making that hard decision to let go of the other one. She wrote me back one time and demanded half of the money that she was expecting to make that day...I didn’t respond. It sounds callous, I know, but we didn’t have a contract, she didn’t want a deposit when I offered, and she was a little wacky.

My passport arrived, and is already tucked safely inside my honeymoon suitcase, along with our other papers/itinerary for the trip. Now, we’re just waiting on B’s to get here. But at least I get to go...hee hee!

We did get to Men’s Warehouse and get T measured and his suit rental reserved. I also got his shoe size and placed the order for the Boys’ gifts are a done deal and T will have a fancy, sch-mancy suit to wear and look all snazzy in. And to B’s delight, T’s rental DID include shoes, so he gets to suffer with the rest of them!

Wow. Sounds like I’ve been busy. There’s still plenty left to do, but we’re really getting to the end of things over here in our household. I’ve marked nearly everything off of the BIG To Do List...which is VERY exciting. And I can’t wait to see what changes this last weekend with no kids around will do for our task list.

In fact, someone asked us the other day at lunch if we were nervous. We both looked at each other and grinned. Nervous? No. Excited? Definitely! There are moments or two of stress, and I’m sure that there will be more coming up in the next 17 days, but for now, we’re moving right along. Coasting closer to our wedding day with every passing day, getting more and more excited about that fact!

In fact, I'm really excited about getting this corner back of my house... And this corner would be nice to regain control of too... How were you feeling less than three weeks out? Excited? Scared? Nervous? Stressed? I’m SO glad that I’ve worked, worked and worked all along up to now for my massive DIY list of projects...I’d be going nuts about now if I hadn’t!

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  1. Sounds like you have everything under control, it must feel awesome, congrats!