Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to "Tie the Knot?"

I’ve told you all about my Mason jars, right? I think that I have...if I haven’t a short synopsis is that we’ll be using Mason jars for our drinking glasses. The Mason jars will have name tags on them and will possibly serve double duty as both an extra favor for the guests to take home with them and our escort cards should we decide to do assigned seating. About two weeks ago, B went out of town to get away from everything and I had seven uninterrupted days to work on wedding-related projects in the evenings. One of the projects that I knocked out were the drink tags.

I used leftover scraps from our invitations and rose petal bag labels and printed out each guest’s name. I found some cute tag stamps at Wal-Mart for a steal, and decided one of them was close enough to use on this project. Once all (or most) of the names were printed, I put them aside in a pile and kind of forgot about them. You see, I decided that in order to tackle this project ahead of time, I would print everyone’s name that we invited and not wait for RSVPs to come in to only print the ones that said they were coming. Seems a little much, I know, but the time factor really clicked with me.

So I had gathered most everyone’s first and last names and had them all printed. Over the course of three evenings, I stamped the tags on, embossed them (just because it looked SO cute!), cut them all out free-hand, then mounted them to give an extra layer between my paper goods and a sweating beverage glass. Oh, and I punched all the holes in them to run the twine through.

That was a LOT of work! Whew! No wonder I was tired that weekend!

After B got home and I showed him my work, he needed to see the tag on the glass to get the full picture. So I mocked one up for him. That’s when it hit me that I have a couple of different options on how to attach these name tags.
Option A

Option B

Option C

The great thing about it is that we’ll be able to add another tag with the table name/number closer to the wedding once we work out the assigned seating dilemma. If we just go with numbers, the document is already created in Word, just waiting to be printed, stamped, embossed, cut, mounted and punched. Even if we go with table names, I could use the same Document and just insert the words over the numbers...either way, it’s all done. Just awaiting our decision on which way to go...

Which one do you like best? Option A, B or C? Comment below and let me know!


  1. I like the 3rd option but with a little shorter tail. You could write the table # on the back of their nametags that way- since with option 3 is easy to turn the card over.

  2. I'm with Miss Pug, I love C but with a shorter tail. Those look great!

  3. I like A because you'll see the name right off the bat, and it looks "clean"... so with them all lined up, they'll look crisp. They came out great!