Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Frustrations with Contracts...

I’m slightly retarded. Seriously...this bride thing is getting to my memory capabilities. Because I’m not THAT old to be this forgetful!

I’ve been waiting and waiting, and impatiently waiting some more, for the 21 day mark to pass. Why, you ask? Because I finished up the Rehearsal Dinner invitations a week ago and wanted to wait to mail them out until after it was all official with the hall being booked. And somewhere in my pea-sized brain, I had it stuck in my head that I could reserve the hall 21 days before the wedding.

So like a good little bride, I sent off an email first thing Monday morning when I got to work to Danny, the coordinator at Texas Old Town. Politely thanked him for all of his help thus far, and could I please reserve the hall for my rehearsal.

Imagine my surprise when a message came into my inbox two hours later telling me that he was more than happy to let me know that the hall was still available, but that I was not able to reserve it until Monday, October 19th...five days before the event PER MY CONTRACT! I was immediately outrged. What?!?! No, no, no. MY contract states that I can reserve it 21 days out, HE must be mistaken.

Lucky for me, I thought to check my actual contract before hitting the Reply button. Yep. Right there in black and white. “...parties may reserve the facilities for day before activities no more than five (5) days before scheduled event...”. Hmmm, well "don’t that just beat all?" as we say in Texas.

I sheepishly replied back to his email and apologized for my scatter-brained-ness (is that a word?) and told him that I would contact him on the 19th. He was nice enough to write me back and let me know that the hall is still unreserved at this point, and it’s highly unlikely that it will be booked, but that it has happened before.

Why would he tell me that? Doesn’t he know that I already have nightmares about that very thing happening? Without him confirming that it’s happened before. Wait. Relax. Calm down. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

Much better.

Anyway, I felt a little silly, but what’s a girl to do? I mailed the invitations to the rehearsal dinner yesterday, so they’ll be arriving in mail boxes soon and I can do a reveal for you all...they’re beautiful. Here’s a sneak peek... CRAP! I forgot to upload the photo that I took...Doh! Thanks ColorCoated for pointing it'll have to check back tomorrow morning to see it - Sorry!

Oh, and my Maids? Yeah, I ran out of postcard stamps for the RSVPs guys...and didn’t really want to go and buy three more $.20 you guys can just email me what your votes on the food are, if you don’t mind. Sorry! Love you bunches!

Did you have dilemmas or drama getting your venue booked for a rehearsal, or was the rehearsal time included and guaranteed?


  1. Haha... don't that beat all. I miss that phrase!

    I haven't planned a wedding, but I'm sure I'll freak out over everything. You're staying amazingly calm!

  2. That's crazy! 5 days out does not seem like too long at all, but I'm sure it'll be fine. Just call/email first thing on the 5 day mark and you'll be fine.

    Don't stress!

    And I'm waiting to see those invites :).

  3. Wedding brain ... I hear this all to often I think! Heck, I'm ages away from things and even I get wedding brain sometimes! 5 days out seems a little, well, silly for the hall to do as well - so I can understand why you *might* just think it should have been 21 days. BTW - was 21 days actually something else?

  4. Wedding brain... almost like pregnant brain ;)
    I am SURE you are going to get the reservation so try your very best NOT to worry!