Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Major Accomplishment...

I have to admit it...and I’ll be honest here and say that it feels a little disloyal to say it aloud...but it felt kinda good packing away my embossing gun last night. I mean, REALLY good. My gun and I have had a close, personal relationship these past 7 months or so...and in fact it has not been “put up” in the formal sense since sometime in August. Wow. That’s a LOT of embossing time, huh?

But it wasn’t alone. There were other tools that have been out and about these past few months, getting sometimes daily usage that also got put away. There was my large paper cutter, my small paper cutter, the bone folder (LOVE that tool!), the double-sided tape reel, and my hot glue gun. All good friends of mine...these past few months anyway.

So I guess that you’ve deduced by now that by putting away my tools yesterday that it means that I finished all of my crafty projects, huh? Yep, I did. And it felt good. I finished them up yesterday after two straight weekends of working on wedding stuff. Along with a couple of late weeknights. There were actually a few nights in there when B just assumed that I wasn’t going to work the next day or that my plan was to work all night long because I worked past midnight! But, I’m proud to say that I missed no work, and everything got done on schedule. I can sleep this week, right?

Well, maybe. But maybe not. Just because the crafty projects are done, doesn’t mean that I’m ready to go. There’s a lot between finishing a project and getting married still, but we’re taking it one day at a time. knowing that I don’t have to stay up late on nights this week folding programs, embossing name tags or picking out reception music is a relief! But there’s still plenty to do.

This week is dedicated (according to the Master Plan in my head!) to packing up and organizing. And I actually jumped the gun on this too over the weekend since I had a great helper in B with the last of my projects. I was finally down to projects that didn’t involve separating layers of delicate tissue, or tying super small knots over and over again in twine...those manly hands of his don’t like projects like those. But tying names on the Mason jars – done! And he was happy to do it, which was a blessing for me.

I cleaned out the large craft box that has occupied a corner of our living room for as long as I can remember and starting organizing. Packing ceremony décor into a separate box all on its own, and getting all the parts and pieces in there that need to accompany them. Getting all the components to certain projects gathered up and grouped together and placed in tote-able boxes. Putting all the groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts into their pretty-fied bags that I whipped up Friday...it’s just all coming together.

I’ve tried to pre-write some posts for this week, but since I’ve been working so hard at night, I’m not doing so good. I hope to be able to keep posting at it’s normal 1 post each day while I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off...but we’ll see if that happens. I’ve definitely got some photographer eye candy saved up for you, so if there is a lack of posts about me and our wedding preparations, please be patient. I’ll be back next week...especially since our honeymoon isn’t until two weeks after the wedding!


  1. I can't tell you how excited I am to see your whole wedding come together :)
    It is going to be beautiful... and all the personal details are going to be exquisite.
    It's getting close!!!

  2. Getting all of those craft projects done is a major accomplishment, nice work!