Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hair Trail...Part II

After much debate, previously discussed here and here, I hired another hair stylist. I agreed with all of the comments that you guys left for me from those posts and just couldn't trust that the previous hair stylist would be able to do my hair to my satisfaction. Then I wrote that I had a new hair stylist scheduled and was awaiting my trial.

Well, funny story. My trail date came and went...and I slept right through my appointment! Yep, no joke. It was scheduled for last Saturday morning at 9am, and I woke up about 30 minutes after...oops! I felt really bad, called immediately upon waking up and rescheduled for my lunch hour on Monday. She warned me that it might take a little longer than an hour, and I just had to make it work...I'm glad that I have an understanding boss!

Anyway, I immediately liked Autumn when I walked into the salon. She was nice and friendly on the phone, totally understanding of my cold medicine "overdose" the weekend before, and was really warm and inviting. She works at this salon, in case you're interested. I showed her my hair inspiration picture, and she started messing with my hair. Keeping in mind that I've never met her and she'd never worked on my hair, she took a few minutes to look it all over and do some trial curls and things to get accustomed to what my hair would do.

Mom, you're gonna love this: the first comment out of her mouth after about 30 seconds of messing with it was "Oh my gosh - you have a LOT of hair!" I laughed. I assured her that with all the stress before the wedding that I had been shedding like crazy the last few days and she let me know right away that I could stand to lose some...this is my curse. My blessing is that my hair is naturally curly and holds curls very well. After just a few minutes of "getting to know" my hair, she got down to work.

She was upfront and honest and told me that she might not be able to exactly replicate my inspiration photo. I told her that was fine, I wanted more curl to it anyway, but I wanted the overall feel of the messy updo. Something that might look like I did it myself on-purpose-by-accident, you know? Satisfied that we were off to a good start, she went to town, after warning me that with as much hair as I have that I might be late back to work! LOL.

The good news? She did it in 45 minutes. The even better news? I L-O-V-E-D it. See for yourself...
Now, these pictures were taking by me AFTER I got home from work and shopping that evening. Yep, this was about 7 hours into the hairstyle. And it still looked that good! I was out in the wind, jumped around, bopped my head side to side while I drove, I really put this hairdo to the test. Yippee! The even best news? I took the style down after wearing it for 11 hours and had NO headache. She started with a ponytail, which I'm used to wearing with the weight that my hair brings, and then pinned from there. (I think that's what helped me stay headache-free all night.)

We'll make some minor adjustments, sleeking the front a little more, taking some of the frizz out in the back...but all in all, I call it a resounding success! What do you think?


  1. Looks great! Especially after 7hours. Nice that you got to test it out in a way. Can't wait to see the whole package

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it's perfect.... I really love it especially how romantic it is from the back. Perfect!

  3. It looks beautiful!! Absolutely perfect for you :)
    And that's amazing that it made it 7 hours into the day. You know you're good when...

  4. Ohhhh, I really like that!! Yay for finding a stylist you love!

  5. What a great hairstyle! Thanks for posting your story!