Monday, October 19, 2009

So Stunning...

I know, Mom, you’re probably gonna scream when you read this...but if I had ONE more week, I would do this:

Isn’t that gorgeous? I LOVE it so much...the little devil that resides inside me REALLY wants to try and do it...but I won’t. I’m too practical...and B might not show up if I throw something else at him!

But it’s still swoony-worthy to look at. And SO tempting because it’s shown in the colors that I would use...le sigh.

Any other brides out there having CRAZY last minute wishes???


  1. I saw those pretty lanterns already, and they are very pretty, but I think they'd look so much better if they were lit up! Don't give into the madness strong and just say no to last minute additions!

  2. Step awaaaayyy from the last minute decisions! SO insanely beautiful though :)

  3. Isn't that picture gorgeous?! I hope mine turn out that well. I admire your self control, though!

  4. This is stunning and by far the best looking paper lanterns Ive seen. i kept thinking of using them myself...but then I thought who would have to put them up and take them down from the venue. And some ive seen just look tacky or sit way to low in the photos and I didnt want this to happen! But this picture is beautiful.