Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hair Trial

I promised you pictures of the hair trial...and not surprisingly, since I thought that it was going to be a hair AND make-up trial, my Before pics looks absolutely gross! This is me, sans make-up or anything being done to my hair...
So lovely. NOT! I can't believe that I'm posting that picture out on the internet...Mom, do NOT get any ideas about sharing 4-7th grade pictures! LOL.

Like I said in this post...I'm not sure how I feel about my hair trial. When I left the salon, I thought that it was really ok that it wasn't what I asked for. It looked good on me, even if it did feel a little more Prom and a little less Bride. But the bottom line is that it was NOT what I asked her to do. And since there was NO make-up trial, other than me just trusting her (this total stranger that I don't know from Adam, as my Mom pointed out!) with my make-up on the wedding day, I'm fairly certain that I'll be cancelling her services today. Thank you to all of you who responded and commented to help me make this decision.

Without furter ado, here is what she came up with for my hair, and yes, I still look gross due to lack of MAKE-UP!Maybe you didn't know this, so I'll let you in on an "insider's secret" - it's HARD to take pictures of the back of your head! See that expression on my face? Not fun! That's a better shot. Now for the side view...And then I started playing with the zoom...And here's a close-up shot of the top/front of the updo...this part I actually wasn't totally flat and tight, but not poofed up too much...Here I am, trying to show more detail of the back...
And one last close-up on my face and the overall look:
So that's it. Not bad, right? No, it looks nice. Fits my face well. I will agree with all of those statements. What I don't agree with? It does NOT match this picture (which she had in front of her and kept referring to!):


Do I have a valid complaint, or am I being too "bridezilla"?


  1. I think it's a completely valid complaint. The hair you ended up with is way more curly and less tucked than the picture you showed her. I'd give it another try, maybe with another hair dresser?

  2. Oh, forgot to mention, it looks pretty :)

  3. no, you are free to complain! i am very nervous about my trial run with my hair!! my hair is layered and shoulder length; i want an up-do but don't want it pulled back so much that i look bald!!

  4. Hmmm it resembles the picture, but it is wayyy more curly...I'd need another trial!