Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Flowers that Just...Weren’t!

I’ve mentioned once or twice that the dress fitting didn’t happen last week like it was supposed to happen, and I haven’t really said anything more about it. I’m not going to now either, sorry! You’ll have to wait for the pictures! Instead of dwelling on the negatives of that day...I’d like to show you the positive progress made that day on our flowers.

You know from this post that my bouquet has been done for some time. I wanted something similar for my Maids, except using the colors of ivory and hot pink and a little smaller in size. I ordered all the supplies from here, and when they arrived I anxiously went through the box. I wasn’t really sure about some of the things that I had liked online (pictures online can look SO different in person!) so I weeded through the order and immediately sent back things that I didn’t like.

I tried to work on it on my own, but there was magic that MOH brought to the table, and it just didn’t work for me. I don’t know. I did the SAME things that she and I did once we got together to work on it, but it just wasn’t working for me. So when MOH drove into town for the dress fitting that didn’t happen, we decided to spend the evening working on flowers. After making a stop to grab a Papa Murphy’s pizza and not one, but TWO bottles of wine! We felt like we deserved it after the stress of the afternoon...

(Don’t worry – we only drank one bottle that night...I’ve still got the other one, and am saving it for the next time that all of my Maids and I get together – which is NEXT WEEK! A little butterfly just danced around in my stomach for a minute after I typed that!)

So, you’ve refreshed your memory of my bouquet right? Well, as pretty as it was, and as simple as we both remember it being to put it all together, the bouquets for my Maids just didn’t happen that way. I think that it was because with my bouquet we started with a premade bouquet that I loved, and just beefed it up a bit. OK, so that’s an understatement...we started with TWO of the bouquets that I loved so much and beefed it up a lot, but whatever. These hot pink ones just weren’t working for me.

I had bought some beautiful hot pink and ivory peonies that I still swoon at a little when I look at them...and was insistent that they be in the bouquet. But mixing in the other shade of pink roses and cream peonies that I had on hand just wasn’t working. No matter how we put the flowers together, they were just off. Either the pinks weren’t the right shade, the peonies just overwhelmed the whole bouquet...and many other complaints that we came up with that night.

So, I topped off our glasses of wine and we set that project aside for a bit. We thought that maybe if we mulled it over a little, then came back to it something would click. And since I had decided to use the peony buds for the Boys’ bouts, we thought working on a project that we could actually make progress on was more worthwhile.

While I cut the hot pizza up to serve, MOH came up with these lovelies:
Here's a close-up for you... I haven’t decided about flowers for moms and dads yet...there’s a dilemma with my family and who to honor and how to do it all, so the debate about flower bouts and corsages for moms and dads is still be decided this weekend. I promise! So she made up one extra one, and moved on to B’s bout.

I loved the idea of the Boys matching my Maids...and B’s bout matching my bouquet. So that’s what we did. We had to work with it quite a bit...he’s wearing a black suit, and the flower that I was dead-set on using for his bout was a deep purple eggplant color and just wasn’t “popping” off of the suit enough. Even with greenery behind. But after a slice or two of pizza, another drink or two of wine, we came up with something that we both loved. Feast your eyes:
Isn’t it the cutest? I was worried that B would think it a bit girlie, but when he got home a little later he gave it two thumbs up too! Yea! And we held it up against a black backgroun (like his suit) and it pops plenty with the cream eva berries in there.
So I was glad that the bouts weren’t too difficult to pull together. And I can easily make some more for the dads, if that’s the route that we go.
Even though I was happy about those being done, I was really bummed about the problems that we were having with the Maids’ bouquets. Oh well, eat another slice of pizza, drink a little more wine, and your problems can resolve themselves, right? Hmmm...I’m going to be a stinker and tell you to stay tuned for the conclusion next time!

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