Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toot My Own Horn...

I’m sorry, but it must be done. I’m going to do it, since no one else will, I mean, let’s be honest here...if you can’t pat yourself on the back, then who will?

Insert big goofy grin here...


Yeah, I’m just going to go ahead and nominate myself for the week’s least stressed-out bride award. This award comes with hard work, lots of meditation, and an amazing sense of self-control. I mean, if regular people realized exactly how much harder they make things for all brides out there, they would truly understand the term bridezilla. It wouldn't even need to be a joke! Not all brides can control the urge to growl, scream, shout, and be well...I have a word in mind, but maybe it’s not so nice, so we’ll just say...touchy. I know all of these things because I have been or done all of these things.

But not for the past seven days! That’s why I’m nominating myself for this prestigious award. I have held my temper, resisted my own OCD complex, and silently worked on my DIY projects without a single curse, slap or errant thought running amuck through my head. It’s been rather nice.

And B will tell you that it’s nice too! Here...let him tell you:

“Hello blogging world. This is B. S tells me that I have to tell you how good she’s been lately...”

And the beating starts. Sorry that his “broadcast” was interrupted folks, but he’s not supposed to repeat my words...he’s supposed to speak from his heart and be honest about how good I’ve been. Or at the VERY least, paraphrase what I said!

But seriously, I have been being SUCH a good-tempered bride lately. I think that it has something to do with my invitations being finished...or SO close to being finished that it almost counts. That was my biggest DIY project that I chose to tackle, and although there were days that I wanted to rip out my hair and cry, I survived. And so did the printer...but it was touch and go there for a while.

So, in honor of my good behavior this past seven days, I just wanted to congratulate myself. I know that it sounds conceited, I get that. But isn’t writing a blog in general kind of conceited too? It’s ok that it is, I’m totally 100% ok with that fact. I think that I’m pretty cool. I just want the rest of the world to clue in to that little fact! LOL.

I think that I deserve an ice cream cone. What do you think? Maybe we could put our heads together and design a little award and pass it around amongst ourselves...let me know and I’ll work on it!

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