Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here They Go...

I'm SO excited! I just can't contain it any longer, and I have to share it with you! What's that? Oh, that's just little old me...sitting at a mailbox...dropping the first of my wedding invitations into the mailbox!


Does everyone want to do a group cheer? How about a group hug? Anything?

OK, maybe not. Maybe no one out there is as excited about this shin-dig as I am, but I'm just about to burst at the seams with excitement. Literally.

So here's what happened. After posting here about the stamp dilemma, I had some extra time on my lunch hour. And what does a bride with extra time on her lunch hour do? That's right! I went to my local Post Office. I waited in line, not so patiently as the line was VERY long, until it was my turn at the counter. I politely asked the postman if he could tell me if they happened to have any of the Wedding Cake $.61 stamps available.

This is when he said, yes he could tell me.

And then nothing.

This is not a joke, Mr. Postman. This is serious business. No, I see that I didn't wear my "BRIDE" shirt today...hang on, let me go get my horns and veil out of my trunk! Along with my pitchfork to prod you into action with. This is no joking matter, as the friendly postman was quick to catch on to. He told me that he would be more than happy to look for me, and he quickly walked to the back counter.

And then this is what he tossed out over his shoulder to me - "But we have lots of $.61 stamp options available for you to choose from."

No, you must REALLY not get it. I am a B-R-I-D-E. This means that I have slaved and sweated over what are essentially my "children" and I do not want ANY $.61 stamp. I want the Wedding Cake $.61 stamp. Is this getting easier for you to understand. Are you picking up what I'm laying down?

Instead of saying all of that out loud (see, I told you I was having a VERY good week in self-restraint!) I nicely told him that I didn't want any other stamp, just those stamps. He smiled at me, and said ok. But it was a smile that had a big "whatever lady" behind it. Hey, whatever I have to do to get the stamps, right? Lucky for him, he came back with one sheet. When he asked me how many sheets I needed, I told him 4, but that I would take whatever he had and order the rest online.

I made my purchase, and quickly left. But he was very friendly at the end and even offered to place the order for me! does pay to be a bride. A smiling one, anyway.

So I left with my 20 coveted stamps, and just about cried in the parking lot. They are THAT pretty. Seriously. The picture online doesn't do them justice. Anyway, I came home that night and decided that the envelopes were a little plain. Yes, they were pretty, but I wanted them to be spectacular. So I spent some time jazzing them up after my workout and in between cooking dinner and taking a bubble bath.

Some detail for you of my favorite part, the embossed scrolls...Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I was out and about when I thought to take this and just had my crack-berry along for the ride! I'll have better pictures of it and my "little helper" tomorrow!

This morning, when I woke up and they were all dried, I selected the invitees that were located the further geographically from us, and those are the 15 that went into the mailbox today. The rest will go in as soon as I get the rest of my stamps in, hopefully today or tomorrow. They are all assembled, printed, and stuffed into envelopes...patiently awaiting a perfect stamp to complete the ensemble.

How did you feel when you mailed out your invites? I realize that I might be doing this a little bit backwards to be doing it in stages, but I just couldn't resist getting at least 1/4 of them in the mail on my "deadline" date!

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  1. you know what is wild... my response card envelope looks very similar to yours! mine has scrollwork added too. the lady did that and surprised me!! ironic isn't it??? lol