Tuesday, September 1, 2009

E-Session - Sarah and Rich

I'm feeling a little bit behind on my photography posts...yeah, I'm still working on my last few favorite JULY sessions and it's the beginning of September. Oh well...at least that means that you'll get LOTS of eye candy to drool over...because I'll be posting a new session each day this week!
Here's an engagement session that Christina of Christina Carroll Photography brings to us today. I love the "old timey" feel to this shoot. Everything from the clothes that the couple wore to the editing that Christina did to some of the shots...it's perfect for a summertime shoot!
This is what Christina had to say about the couple:
"I had a blast with Sarah & Rich. Sarah is a native Austinite so they had a very Austin themed engagement session. We started out a Barton Springs Pool. It was a very hot Sunday afternoon so it was packed! I’ve never had to deal with so many people (especially not in bathing suits) in the pictures. Sarah & Rich quickly became crowd favorites. They got in line at the diving board and the whole crowd started cheering and shouting, “jump, jump, jump”. I was laughing out loud. We left Barton Springs Pool and headed to the Hotel San Jose. Sara & Rich met and got engaged there so we had to do a few pictures in front of the San Jose. We finished up at the Austin mural where we ran into to the famous Austin icon “Leslie”. What a fun day!"

Without further commentary from me, here you go!
Now...you didn't really BELIEVE me did you? You know that I can't keep quiet...I HAD to include a shot of my favorite downtown hotel in Austin - The San Jose Hotel...LOVE it!
Hop on over to Christina's blog here to see the rest of this shoot, because these were just my favorite shots. There are a LOT more to see and drool over on her site!


  1. are you a photographer too? great pics!

  2. @Noelle - I WISH that I had the talent to be a photographer...just another dream of mine! But thanks for the compliment!