Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to ALL of you! I hope that you've had as great a weekend as I've had. You might have noticed that my normal morning post didn't happen this morning...yeah, I had to catch up on some sleeping.

With an extra day on the holiday weekend, many might want to work EXTRA hard on wedding stuff...especially for brides that are UNDER the 2 month mark...but not this bride!

No sir. I took the weekend off from all things wedding project related. A little escape to "recharge" the batteries, if you will. I haven't made the trip home to see my family in quite a while...last Christmas to be exact. There was some strife and such last year when we announced our engagement, and things just haven't been the same ever since. (If you're a new reader, you might not understand...instead of going into it all again, here's a quick link that will explain things.)

Since I like to avoid confrontation as a general rule...I haven't been home since. I don't normal run from problems, but dang it - planning a wedding is HARD work! It's time consuming, and if there might be people around to prohibit your success and dreams, it just makes sense to stay away.

Either way, it had been too long. So we took the time, made the trip and had a blast! We missed out on some sleep, but we caught up with family, cooked outdoors, went for a swim, rode the 4-wheelers and "looked" for a mountain lion...yeah, it's always a hoot with my family! LOL. Although I spent some time talking about the wedding, I took a break from actually working on anything in the last few's been nice!

So, I apologize for the lateness of my normal morning post. I'm all reasted up and back to my normal self. I've got a great shoot coming to you this stay tuned and thanks for the break!

What did you do with your long weekend? Work on wedding? Or just enjoy some much-needed R&R?

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