Monday, September 7, 2009

E-Session – Brooke and Preston

I just LOVE the vibrant colors that make up today's e-session, brough to us by Pink Posh Photography! The couple look so cute, and the comments that Pink Posh wrote on their blog abou this session cracked me up...check it out!
"On the way downtown for Brooke+Preston's esession, Thurst turns to me and say..."I'll hate to be a plant right now." What??!! I had no response, because for a moment I had no idea what he was talking about. But stalkers, you see, Austin was/is in however many consecutive days of 100 degrees weather already...and although this was not a noonday shoot..but rather a 6pm shoot, it was still scorching hot. So, while I thought that Brooke and Preston might want to reschedule the shoot because of the heat (because who's really crazy enough to shoot in this weather outside?), I was definitely not expecting the first thing to come out from Brooke's mouth when she saw me was..."Do I look like I have too much makeup on?" Ummm...stalkers, I now know how guys feel when us girls ask them these loaded questions. So of course I said no. But then I thought, WAIT! What if she was going for that? Perhaps I should say yes? Well, I look to Thurst...who looked away. And then I looked to Preston...who also decided to avoid any eye contact with me. And so, I said..."Do YOU think you have too much makeup on?" So Brooke decided she must have too much makeup on and that we should postpone the shoot and just go eat dinner. Tempting. Food. And more importantly, A/C. But honestly, I thought Brooke looked beautiful. But stalkers, judge for yourself."
What I like most about that last shot is that they're in focus and the rest of the world just goes kind of when you're really wrapped up in someone. I know that we've ALL felt that way before!
And I just love how tender that shot is!
Love all of them, to be honest! Go on over to Pink Posh's blog to see more...these were just MY picks...

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