Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Assembling the Invitations

This is when MOH came into the picture. I knew that she was coming that next weekend, so I spent the next few nights making my cuts and measurements and getting all the pieces cut out and ready to assemble. (I had taken the advice of many others before me and left the lines on the text boxes just in light grey and a light point to use for cutting guides – smartest thing EVER!) I even managed to get the pieces of the invitation that were to be mounted on the black cardstock mounted and cut down before she got there too, so I was busy! So this is what she arrived to see: Once she was there, the process was simple. Just assembly. Here is the invite all mounted and pretty on the paper... See? It’s lacking something. Good thing that big space left was the spot that I had left there on purpose for my stamp and embossing! Here it is all dressed and finished...Because of the pearly quality to the paper, I ended up having to use both black ink and black embossing powder to do this. Most brides will recommend colored ink and clear embossing powder, as the powder does tend to “scatter” a bit...but that didn’t work on my paper. It came out silver, instead of black.

Once MOH and I did the embossing on the invites, MOH pointed out that the RSVP card, although pretty...lacked something. Maybe that same panache that the outer envelopes had lacked? Possibly. We decided to play around with some extras, and this is what we came up with...Before... And After. It’s the same stamp, just not embossed. It turned out silver (like I mentioned earlier), but was still very pretty – especially when we put the stamps on and the color went nicely with the polar bear colors of the postcard stamp.

Once the RSVP cards were all stamped, we were almost ready to rock and roll and get the assembly line under way. First though, we had to find a spot to number the RSVP cards. Since I took the lazy route and didn’t fill in each guest’s name on the RSVP card, I needed to make sure that I knew who was mailing which RSVP card in case they didn’t write their name in the blank. This was a GENIUS idea that I’ve seen over and over on weddingbee and something that I probably wouldn’t have thought to do otherwise. Can you see it?

How about now?
The ONLY place that we thought that it didn’t really stand out and glare up at you was on the stamp itself. We didn’t know what the Post Office would say about it, but we crossed our fingers and hoped that they would notice it as much as our guests would...which was to NOT notice it! I guess it worked, as they’ve been arriving each day in my mailbox...

Did you follow other brides' advice and number your RSVPs too? How did that work out of you? How many guests forgot to fill in their name? Maybe we're doing all this work for nothing!

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