Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Wrinkle in the Plan...

I posted here a few weeks ago about being under scurtiny regarding my job. Then I posted here about being told that I was "off the radar" of being fired.

You know what I forgot to post about? My fears that B would be laid off...

And it happened today. Yes, it did. No, this is not a joke.

My first question to him when he could call me (since he only has a company cell phone and thus had to stop and find a PAY phone to call me from) was first and foremost "Are you ok?"

Which was quickly followed by about a million many that I can't even think right now. And is it selfish on my part for the first and foremost question on my brain to be "What does this mean for our wedding?"

Hopefully you won't think that's me being selfish. It's an honest question, that deserves an answer. I would assume that this will change some things to our wedding, but can't even begin to think of what. I would imagine that the biggest change will be is Who is still invited to the wedding from our large pool of co-workers that have been sent Save the Dates...

So tell me, is it considered acceptable to wheedle the guest list down now? Even if you already sent a Save the Date?

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