Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That’s Just Fine and Dandy!

You’ve got that right – it’s not only a great saying, but it’s an internet store that sells men’s accessories named, you guessed it - The Fine and Dandy Shop. Could these be accessories for the Big Day? Sure they could!

Go ahead, take a gander at what they have for you...I’ll wait here patiently. (I really couldn’t resist using an old-fashioned word there – you’ll know why after you click to their site!)

Isn’t their stuff great?!? I think so. It almost makes me wish that we were having an “old-fashioned” or “turn of the century” themed wedding just to get some of their great accessories!

A few weeks back, Matt with The Fine and Dandy Shop contacted me through the email contact on the right side of my blog. (Yes, it really works, and I check it!) He told me that he had found my blog and thought that the merchandise that The Fine and DandyShop had to offer would be a good “fit” with my blog content and for my readers.

Turns out that he was right. I am thrilled to offer this post for their wares. Here are some of my personal favorites (in case you didn’t click over to their store earlier):

A red/gold ascot

Black and silver polka-dotted handkerchief

A themed Double Decker bus set of cuff links (too cute for the Londoner!)

A fleur-de-lis set of cuff links (for the N'Awlins in us all!)

A great "newspaper boy" cap

This one just reminded of Sinatra and I had to include it!

And, of course, I couldn't not include a purple paisly bow tie!

Like I said - really great stuff. The Shop carries a line of men's accesories that includes (but is not limited to): ties, bow ties, ascots, scarves, handkerchiefs, hats, pocket squares, suspenders and sock garters, wallets, cuff links, tie bars/pins, flasks and money clip and SO much more. Just about everything that your groom would need for his Big Day.

Matt also mentioned to me that they keep a blog up too...I've been checking in on it occassionally and it's a great source of inspiration for men's wear. Here's the link for the blog. If you didn’t check out the store earlier, go now. You won’t be sorry.

Go ahead and dress your groom and his guys up in style!!!

**All images sourced from The Fine and Dandy Shop.

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