Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cutters and Servers and Plans, Oh My!

Ever since I posted here about my cake buffet idea, I’ve been plagued with a little bit of concern. Actually, it’s something that I hadn’t even thought of that my Mom was “nice” enough to point out. She simply said that since I was having a cake buffet, that I would need to have people there to serve the cakes... be perfectly honest, I wasn’t planning on this. I was just thinking in my head that the cakes would be displayed and everyone could get their own piece.

But the lady has a point. Being that each cake will be a different flavor, people might want to take more than one piece, but if I leave the cutting to the guests, they might take huge chunks of cake at a time...and go back to taste more and more since I’m certain the cakes are going to be THAT good! I’ve got this crazy notion in my head now of people walking around with ¼ of a round cake perched on their plate, as they carry two or three plates back to their seats...

And if this did happen (even if it wasn’t to that extreme) then there could be a shortage of cake. And any good bride will tell you that there CANNOT be a shortage of cake! That would be one of my top ten things that would make a bad wedding, I’m pretty sure.

So, now I’m racking my brain left and right...cake servers...people to cut the cake into smaller “wedding sized” portions, which Maid Mommy assures me is 2” x 2”...this is something that I hadn’t thought of. And I don’t want to have my Maids do it, as they’ve got enough on their plates...

Then I saw this the other day:


What is that? A cake buffet with NO servers? How can that be? Oh, I see. The cakes are pre-cut. there’s a thought that hadn’t yet occurred to me. Is it possible to cut my cakes into smaller pieces ahead of time so that no servers would be needed? Because to be honest, those slices shown above are a little on the large side of my vision of the perfect cake slice...and they’re MUCH closer to the nightmare about running out of cake!

I know that I’ve thought about the actual serving pieces for 5 or 6 different cakes – each person that contributes a cake stand probably has at least one cake server and knife set. So hopefully I can just borrow those along with the cake stands. Hmmm...I wonder if something like pre-cut slices would work for my cake buffet?

Did you have cake servers? If so, how many? And who did you pick? Family members? Or friends that weren’t already in the bridal party?

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