Saturday, July 25, 2009

We have a Baker!

OMG, I am SO excited to write this post. My Mom has been SO worried about me making this decision...well, she can finally rest at peace – we hired a cake baker! And it wasn’t who I originally thought that I would go with. Yep, that’s the shocking part.

You see, I love Target. I love all things Target. Seriously. Target rocks. If you see something good in the world, chances are that it came from Target. So imagine my surprise when I found out that one of the top bakeries in the Austin area for wedding cakes was none other than the fabulous Archer Farms –located out guessed it, your local Super Target store. I was in love. SO in love.

I even ordered J’s birthday cake from there as a sort of pre-wedding tasting to see how their cakes tasted and held up. I loved it. It was just a plain white cake with buttercream icing, but it was divine. Light and airy, but totally filling all at the same time. So, the decision was made, right? Wrong.

Enter The Sweet Stuff. It’s a local bakery located in our home town of Kyle, Texas. Check her website out, it’s really cool. Go ahead, I don’t mind waiting. You’re back? Good.

Now I know what you’re asking yourself. You’re scratching your head and wondering this thought: “But S, I thought that you said that you were going to NOT do a traditional cake and go with the whole cake buffet idea?” I am. That hasn’t changed. I had a long phone conversation with Michelle, the owner of The Sweet Stuff, and a totally cool lady, and we talked long and hard about my cake buffet and what it would take from her to pull it off. She had some great suggestions for me, and we ended up talking shop for about twenty minutes longer than I had intended to keep her tied up on the phone.
Luckily for me, two days after our phone conversation, J had a doctor’s check-up visit scheduled, so after we got her all checked out, she and I ran over to The Sweet Stuff and met Michelle in person. I had some an inspiration picture for her, seen below:

She was thrilled with the pictures, but assured me that she thought the cakes needed something more. Not much more, but a little bit more. She’s planning on doing some tone-on-tone designs on the cakes, making them a little ritzier...even though those were pretty darn perfect in my opinion! Maybe something a little more like this?

And the best part? The price. For an 8” round cake with two layers and a filling, Michelle normally only charges $22/cake. Which I would have GLADLY paid...but she’s a dear, and because of the sheer number of cakes that I’m going to order (10-12), she knocked a little bit off of the price. SWEET! So the budgeted amount that I had in my head got knocked down by 2/3! Yep, you read that right. The total cost that she’s charging me is only 1/3 of the total that I was estimating needing for the cakes. And she’s included in that price one double tiered cake so that B and I have the top smaller cake to save for our one-year anniversary. A sweet deal, if I do say so myself.

While I was there, I went ahead and booked a tasting with Michelle for B and I on the 22nd of August. I can’t wait to see if the cakes taste as good as they smelled in her shop! If all goes well at the tasting, the deal will be sealed...and that’s one more thing crossed off of the To Do List!

I’ll be sure and take some pictures of the tasting and let you know how it goes. In the meantime, if you didn’t check out her website, scoot on over and do it now. Central Texas brides – check her out! Her prices are beyond reasonable, and hopefully, the taste is just as nice.

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