Friday, July 31, 2009

A Surprise!!!

Oh, am I excited to share this with you!!! Seriously excited. Like lame girl that's so excited about her BLOG that she just can't sit still...yes, I am a nerd. And I enjoy it!

So here's the deal. Long before I got engaged, long before I started looking for vendors and found my own fabulous photographer, Maid Britney recommned Pink Posh Photography to me. The bad news? They were only based out of Dallas at the time...and their work was out of my budget...but it's SO AWESOME! I freely admit to becoming a blog stalker of theirs, and when I saw this picture the other night, I just couldn't get their imagery out of my head.


So I took the bull by the horns and contacted Pink Posh Photography and admitted to my problem. Yes, I told them that I was a stalker. And then I told them about my blog and that I would LOVE to feature them on it...and then I hit send and anxiously awaited an answer. (Don't worry, I was that THAT worried when I contacted my OWN photographer to do the same thing...and she's MY photographer!)

Lucky for me, they responded right away and were completely fine with me using some of their images on my blog, as long as I credited the work. I was SO exited!!! That means that I'll have TWO photographers' work that I LOVE LOVE LOVE on hand to share with you guys. YEA!

And now I'm thrilled to find out that the Pink Posh team travels regularly between Austin, Dallas and Houston shooting weddings and other events...check out their website here...or just enjoy the eye candy that I'll be sure to share.

Isn't that shot divine?!?! I would LOVE to stage a shot like that at our wedding...

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