Monday, July 20, 2009

Kids Corner…

So I was looking over our guest list the other day – the Mister and I had been talking about how many guests we were planning on having. I said one number, he said another. Who do you think was right? Sorry, babe. But I was.

Anyway...back to my post...since I’ve already talked about how borderline anal retentive I am, you KNOW that I have an excel spreadsheet for our guest list database. And this sheet isn’t JUST a spot to put all the addresses in, no, no. It’s SO much more than that. It also stores email, phone numbers, number of people included on the invite, to which events of the wedding they are invited to, if I sent them a save the date, if they rsvp’d to me (when that actually happens), etc. You get the point, right? This spreadsheet is my base of information about our guests.

Not only does it tell me who we’re inviting and how many people make up their party, but it also breaks down the total number into adults and kids. (and there’s a really cool feature that tells me how many to expect to show up based on how many that we invited – YES, I love my own spreadsheets!) Anyway, there was a number that caught my eye. It shouldn’t have been a shocker or anything, but at some point during the planning process and now when I’m actually working on the invites (a sneak peek to come soon!) a number seems to have changed.

Having two children ourselves, kids are a main part of our wedding. I can’t imagine doing this day without our children (as I posted previously on here), so we would never ask our guests to leave their dears at home. With that being said, I knew that the number of guests that were kids would be high, as most of our friends and family have children. So what’s a lot of kids? To you it might be one number, and to me another. But I think that it’s safe to say that our number of guests who are children is high no matter how you look at it.

Is 20 high?

How about 35?

Well…if you think that there are a lot of kids when you gather 35 together...try 50 on for size. Yep, that’s right. There are 50 children invited to our wedding. 5-0, that’s half of a hundred.

That’s A LOT. No matter how you look at it. I’ve known in the back of my head that I’ll need to put together some type of activity pack or games or something to assume our younger guests for some time now...but looking at that number, it just spurs me to action a bit. With 50 kids in attendance, I need to start working on this NOW. Or last week!

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon another wedding blog that I just fell in love with. The bride, Heather, designed and made these kids’ activity books herself, and it totally looks like something that I could do. Not the exact same thing, of course, but it gives me some inspiration. Check it out...

And check out her blog – I also put a link to her site under the section Blogs that I’s called We Met In A Bar...REALLY cute!

What do you think? Do you think that something like that will entertain our younger guests enough so that their parents can eat their bar-b-que in peace? I know once the dancing starts, the kiddos will be the hit of the reception – move over BRIDE and GROOM, this party is about the kids – but I’m starting to wonder about the “free” time that they might find between the wedding, the dinner and the dancing...

(You can tell I’m a mom, because I KNOW that if there’s trouble to be found, MY kids will find it!)

Are you planning a wedding with a large number of kids? What are you doing to “occupy” them during the eating portion of the reception?

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