Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's in a Name?

Well, for those of you who have followed my blog from before, you know that I named my blog, Miss Cotton Candy. There really was no rhyme or reason behind the name that I chose, it was just a moniker in order to keep a little bit of anonymity to my blog.


It was something that my fiance preferred, and since I was new to this whole side of the internet, I have to admit that I preferred it too. But as I've fallen in love with the world of blogging, my inhibitions have loosened a bit. I've shared pictures of myself, talked about our children, and invited strangers into our lives. I've gotten comfortable with this world that I've immersed myself in.

So when I started this new blog, I just assumed that from here on out, I would just use my own name. When I mentioned this the other night to my fiance, he wasn't really keen on the idea, if you know what I mean. Now I don't know what to do...what do I call him when I write posts and refer to him. He was Mr. CC before, and that worked for us. I could call him Mister, or Mr. or the Dude...but none of those really appeal to him. Or to me, for that matter.

I guess that maybe it's just easier to use our initials. I'll be S, he'll be B, and our kids will be T and J. I wonder if that's still secretive enough...I mean, the S could stand for any one of these names: Susie, Sharon, Sandy, Stephanie, or Scarlett. And the B could be anything from Brandon, Bob, Billy, Brent or something a little more "traditional" or biblical like Bartholomew. The same can be said for the kids' names. I guess it's good that we don't have any repeating letters, huh?

So, here's our family for you:

Husband-to-be/Dad: B
Wife-to-be/Mom: S
Son: T
Daughter: J

I hope this works for you guys, because it's the best I have right now that will present the compromise that my fiance would like to have. If you have better suggestions for me, I'd LOVE to hear it. If you write a blog, do you use your own name or keep some level of anonymity to it all?

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