Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thank You Notes...

They’re done! Whew! That feels good to write. Seriously, it does. You cannot as a bride-to-be imagine or fathom the amount of thank you notes there are to write after the wedding is over. Seriously, you can’t. Trust me. But there are a lot.
I had set a goal in my mind that I wanted to try to have them all out before we left on our honeymoon. That might seems unreasonable to some, but remember that we had 10 days between wedding day and when we were set to leave on our honeymoon. And once I found out that B fully intended to help with this task, I put him to work on his fair share of thank you notes to write!

I’d like to say that they ALL got done before we left. But I’d be a liar. What I can say is that MOST of them got done before we left. And most of them were mailed the day that we left, which is good too. I would hate to have finished them off and then left them at home awaiting postage while we were gone. And I guess since we did stamp them and post them on a VERY busy day, I was relieved to only have one come back to me missing postage. Must have been stuck to the one in front of it – Oops!

But that straggler is on it’s way today, along with the ones that I didn’t finish before we left. Some brides might choose to go the route of writing the hardest ones first to get them out of the way, right? Not this bride. I saved those special ones for the end...knowing that there was more that I wanted to say than I was capable of saying right away. But luckily for me, those last few were the ones to my best gals and my mom...and surely they’ll understand the wait. I hope so, anyway.

When I finished those last few up yesterday, I opened my wedding database to check them off as being done and I saw a name or two that I don’t think that we did. Some intangible gifts that need to still be addressed formally...the friend that rented the limo...one of the shipped gifts that didn’t come wrapped with a card...just little things like that. (Since I organized the thank you cards using the cards that came on the gifts, me missing these last two were totally understandable!) And then there are the two or three gifts that we received while out in CA helping our Best Man get married off. We weren’t expecting to receive more gifts!

So I wrapped those stragglers all up tonight, and put them in the mail drop this morning. I feel better having this all done. How about you? Did you feel a sense of relief once this task was finished? Did you drag your feet getting it done? Or attack them aggressively in order to have them off fast, like I did?


  1. That is awesome! You are SO organized and I love that :)

  2. You are my inspiration! I'm going to try to attack them aggressively and get them all out by Friday.