Monday, November 16, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed...

...back safe and sound at home...but man, I've got to tell you - I'm POOPED!!!

Going on a honeymoon is a lot of hard work! hee hee!

Just kidding, the honeymoon was nice and relaxing, just what it should be...but combining the trip with a weekend getting some of our close friends married off and being a member of the wedding party, was a lot of work! Now I need a vacation from my vacation just to recover!

And oh my goodness so many girls have been busy - there are currently 464 updated blog posts in my Google reader waiting for me to read! Goodness! I'm trying to catch up as fast as I can, but you'll have to give me a little bit of slack here...that's a lot on top of my full-time job!

I'll be back tomorrow with a regular post...and maybe some pictures?...just wanted you all to know that we're back safe and sound! And that we had a BLAST!!! Talk to you soon!


  1. Welcome back!!! Can't wait to hear all about your honeymoon... and yes pictures!!

  2. Yes, please share your pictures! Glad you had fun :)

  3. Amen to needing a vacation to recover from a vacation! I wish I had at least thought to schedule a buffer day so I wouldn't be back at work the next day. Can't wait to see pics!