Friday, October 16, 2009

Anyone NOT have Wedding on the Brain?

I doubt it, since you’re Google Reader is just JAM-packed with bridal blogs...women who are planning a wedding, women just wanting to be engaged so that they can START planning their wedding, women who JUST got married so you can get more least that’s what MY Google Reader looks like!

But what I want to know is how many brides out there are at the point where they don’t want to look/think/eat/sleep/breathe wedding anymore? Anyone? Am I alone in this?

It doesn’t bother me to be the only one...or to be the only truthful one! I’m used to it – I’ve got a LONG history of following my own path and marching to my own beat – I mean, Hello! I’m an encore bride planning a full-blown wedding of our dreams to an encore groom! Talk about marching to your own drum...

Anyway, back to my point. I’m not tired of my wedding, please don’t hear that! I’m just ready for it to be here already. Since I am an encore bride, and a mother, I would relate it to the last month of pregnancy. When the excitement of being pregnant is LONG since past, and you’ve got everything as ready as it’s gonna get before the baby comes and you just want it over already. That doesn’t mean that you’re any less excited, or any less thrilled to meet your new little one, you’re just ready for the culmination of all of your hard work.

That’s where I am now. Things are getting done, but there is lots more left to do. And what am I doing to help all of that get done? Thinking about Christmas cards.

Yep, you read that right. I was walking through Hobby Lobby looking for more twine (Michael’s swears that they don’t carry it, but I KNOW that’s where I bought the last spool!) and I stumbled upon the wrapping paper aisle. Now, I might not get too excited about Christmas decorations for the house in general, but wrapping paper is a WHOLE different story. I’m the kid that wraps her own step-mom would number the boxes and have them already taped closed. I would wrap and then tell her what number it was and she would tell me the info to fill out the tag with. Nice, right?

So I walked down the aisle (I really WAS looking for twine! It could be on this aisle...) and I started thinking about making our Christmas cards this year. I mean, I’ve had such fun doing the paper goods for the wedding, who’s to say that I can’t make my own Christmas cards? So a trip down that aisle then led to a trip down the stamps aisle which in turn led to a trip down the scrapbook paper see how I get into trouble? It’s just SO easy!

And I’ve found that it’s all I can think about today. Yes, the wedding is still there (as always) in the forefront of my mind, only slightly behind the work that was piled on my desk, but hanging steady in a runner-up spot was Christmas cards. The furthest thing from weddings that could be...

But I have to admit that it’s nice to have another focus. I think that I will enjoy not focusing on our wedding. I’ve been worried about having wedding withdrawals, you see. But now I think that I’m excited about post-wedding projects...and you KNOW that I’ve got to have a project to work on! LOL!

Newlyweds, how are you dealing with post-wedding stuff? Are you enjoying free time, doing not a whole lot? Or did you dive right into some other project?

Brides, what are you MOST looking forward to after the big day is over? Got a hobby that you’ve been neglecting?


  1. Amen, sisterfriend! I am right there with you. I guess it's because we're both so close, but yes, I'm excited for the day but ready for what comes after even more.

    Do you think you'll continue blogging after the wedding?

  2. I TOTALLY feel you on this! I'm so ready to just marry him already! LOL

  3. I have my days, some days I wish I was planning a wedding and others I can't stand to read or see anything wedding related. His deployment is bringing out all sorts of feelings about weddings...

    On a lighter note, congrats on being so close to D-Day, wishing you a great week and an awesome wedding and marriage.