Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Challenging Task Looms Large...

Did you know that it’s REALLY hard to pick out music to play at your reception? Maybe it’s not hard for everyone, but this has been really challenging for B and I to take care of. And since we’re at about 20 days out...we kind of need to get this task done.

It’s not that we don’t know what to pick, that’s definitely NOT the problem. The problem is that we have such a WIDE range of taste in music that we just don’t know where to start. We want a good party. We want the dance floor packed. So therefore, we need good music. I thought that we’d just pick good dancing songs, but it’s harder than that.

With our DJ company, there is a website and a client area. You log in to your event and from there you can fill out all the necessary forms. You can submit a time line, the bridal party names, and who is making the toast and prayer. And you can also peruse their music library. You’re instructed to pick out 50 songs and put them in your “Must Play” list...and pick out 30 songs and put them in your “Play if Possible” list. There’s even a section where you can select songs for a “Do NOT Play” list, which is handy. (So far, we haven’t put anything there!)

So what’s hard about all of this, is what you’re asking yourself right now, huh? It’s hard to pick out music that everyone will like. Or maybe not everyone, but a vast majority of the crowd. Music that people like. Music that is good to dance to. And mentioning that, there has to be a good balance of slow songs to dance to, fast songs to dance to, and country songs to boot-scoot to...this is Texas, after all!

And that’s where we’re running into problems. We see lots of music/songs that we personally like (even though our taste varies quite a bit) but we’re not sure if the song is appropriate. Or if the song is a good song to dance to. There have been quite a few favorites that have been knocked off of the list simply because we decided that although that’s a good song to listen to while driving down the road, speeding along, with the windows rolled down and the sound turned up...maybe it’s not a good song to dance to at your wedding.

We’ve made some progress, we really have. We started with the letter “A” and ended on letter “L” last weekend. My goal this weekend is to make it through the rest of the alphabet if possible. We’re already at 47 songs on our “Must Play” list, so I know that we’ll have to go back and weed through the lists once we finish with letter “Z.”

And don’t get me started on the special dances songs! It was very simple to pick our first dance song...there was a CD that B played over and over when we first started dating, and one song in particular on that album that we loved to dance together to. It’s not exactly your run-of-the-mill traditional first dance song, but it’s our song. (And really, what’s been traditional so far? Why stop now?) But after the ease of selecting that special dance song, I’m stumped. I know that my dad will prefer a nice waltz for our Father-Daughter dance...but have NO clue which song I’ll select. I keep hoping that I’ll see something in the DJ’s library that will “speak” to far, it’s been pretty quiet! And then there’s the other songs...last song, the entrance of the bridal party song, etc. The list goes on and on...

Has anyone else found this task to be challenging? I read posts from other brides (especially on weddingbee) and they make it look so easy...I’m jealous! Are you having trouble with this task too?

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