Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The MIA Work Out Wagon...

Yeah, I bet that you’ve all been wondering what happened to my work out wagon, huh? Well, it hasn’t disappeared, but to say that it went on a short hiatus would be accurate. I can’t really say what happened, but I looked up the other day and it’s been almost three weeks since I went to the gym. That’s not entirely accurate, I did go by the gym one day the week before last...only to find that although B did bring my clothes for me to change into he forgot my shoes. It was a short visit that day...because although this bride loves to wear heels...they don’t work in the gym so much!

But seriously, I was still working out and doing well. And then I can’t really tell you what happened, but I think that life got in the way. School started, Labor Day weekend rolled around, and somewhere in all of that I started feeling bad. And although I wasn’t sick enough to be SICK, I didn’t feel well enough to go to the gym and pump iron, or ride the bike...or even just walk on the treadmill.

Then for the past week and a half, I’ve been suffering with a bad back. I don’t know what I did, but I did something to it while B was out of town and I went on my DIY-binge weekend-fest. It must have been embossing those drink tags that just ruined things for me! LOL. Either way, last week I actually left work early one day because the pain was so bad, and I sat with a heating pad on my back the rest of the week...but I’m all better now. Or at least not bad enough to use it as an excuse anymore!

The good news is that I haven’t backtracked or lost a lot of the ground that I had gained. In fact, I haven’t lost any ground. But that’s the problem too...I’m at the same place that I was three weeks ago. And now I have less than 4 weeks until my big day. The dress fits (don’t worry about that), but I would feel a little better about how it fits if the back cleavage wasn’t there.

So here’s my mission:
To work out five days a week at the gym
To incorporate a little bit of arm/back exercises every single day
To do Ab Ripper X (shout out to P90X fans!) every other day...because let’s face it...I’ve got two EXTRA weeks to work on the bikini body!
I’ve gotten away from all soda again, and am really trying to make good eating choices (those choices haven’t been the best lately, truth be told).
Get plenty of sleep.

(And don't worry, I don't really think that three weeks of working out will make me look like her, but a bride can dream, right?)

That last one seems like a big one to a bride about three and a half weeks out from her wedding, but amazingly enough, I’m not feeling that stressed. I’ve been working hard on projects all along, carrying my To Do List around daily and trying my best to cross items off of each day’s list...so I am on the “home stretch” for most of my projects, which feels good to type! I’m sure that there will be craziness at a later point in time (week of the wedding, anyone?), but for right now, I feel good.

So that’s that plan. B’s on his own plan...and it’s much more involved than mine is, but he’s got a little more free time during the day than I do. So we’re both working away, doing our best to ensure that we look our best on our big day.

Where are you in your fitness goals for your wedding? How are you keeping up with it all? I’d love to hear some last minute tips from brides that have gone before me...

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  1. I completely lost the working out thing about a month and a half before the wedding. The one thing I wish I would have focused on... my arms. If your arms looked toned, then you look toned. Seriously.