Friday, September 18, 2009

Honeymoon Decisions

I would love to write you a post about our honeymoon. Tell you all about the dreamy place that we’re going and how long we plan on staying there. But I can’t. Because I don’t know where that dreamy place is or when we’ll be going or even how long we might be staying there.

Yeah, I hear you. I know that it’s 35 days before our wedding. I get that.

Please tell me that I’m not the only bride out there that has left this MAJOR thing left unplanned until the last minute. Someone? Anyone? Pretty please???

There has just been too much else going on to focus on honeymoon. The wedding must be planned and paid for. The honeymoon is really just a bonus, if you’re paying for it yourselves. So at first, we were going to take one and we both agreed on somewhere beachy. Then the travel rules changed mid-summer and beachy turned into American beachy. Then it just seemed impossible to do with limited time off and the possibility of unavailable funds. The honeymoon was cancelled.

Then we got a surpirse blessing in the form of an change in B's veteran's disability, which meant the funds would be there. The honeymoon was back on.

Then, B got laid off. Before we worried about him having enough vacation days to take off, but now we don’t have to worry about having the time off. But without a job, could we really afford to spend the money on a trip? So the honeymoon has just been in limbo.

A constant state of limbo.

Once the dust settled and the smoke cleared after he was laid off, we decided to go ahead and take a trip. So now, it’s officially on. But where to go? We would like to go All-Inclusive just for cost purposes...and the best place to go for All-Inclusive is definitely Mexico. But I don’t have a passport. B has his military ID, which would work to get him back into the US, but I don’t have that little magic card. And never fear, I CAN get a passport in 2-3 weeks according to this website...I just have to pay extra $$ for it. Oh well. Maid Britney says to think of it as an investment and not a wedding cost, since it’s good for 10 years. I like the way that she thinks!

So we’re definitely going. And it’s either Mexico or the Caribbean. That much we’re sure of. But the when is still a factor. I wrote here about crappy flight times out of Austin...and that’s still a factor. But flights to Mexico are actually not maybe it works out. Our other option is to combine our honeymoon with an upcoming trip to CA that we need to make for one of our groomsmen who is getting married and B is returning the favor and standing up at his wedding. That trip is just two short weeks after our own wedding, so I’m leaning towards combining the two trips. Leave the weekend before their wedding and taking our honeymoon and then spending the weekend in CA for their wedding and then coming home. It works out for less time off for me too, which is a factor.

That’s where we stand. Where are you on planning your honeymoon? Was it an easy or hard decision for you? Did you plan it first or later on in your planning? Please, someone comment and tell me that I’m not the only one that left it until the last minute!


  1. I don't know what your budget is, but what about a cruise out of Galveston? Cruises have so many good deals going on right now, you could do 5days for well under $1000.

  2. I'm sure there are others who still need to book their honeymoon. I think often people have a destination in mind, but it doesn't necessarily meet their budget. If you are going to be in CA how about a trip to Hawaii? Earlier this year we booked a week-long trip to Kauai through We got a good deal and were very happy with them.

  3. FunJet trips out of San Antonio could be an option, and lots of fun. Otherwise, CA is great, and it's the off season, so you can get good deals.