Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do You Think THIS Will Work?

Hmmm...my thinker has been working overtime, I promise! Here’s the deal...actually, I already posted about the deal here, click over if you need to catch up on what I’m fixing to talk about...

My petal toss bags. You know that it would just be WAY too easy for me to use petal cones. I like petal cones. Don’t have anything against petal cones. I just wanted something more...enter my petal bags. No problem to make a bag like this one:

but filled with rose petals instead. Got it? Good.

So now (after MUCH research) I see that fresh petals are the way to go. And now that I know I don’t have to stick with ROSE petals per say...that portion of the previous dilemma has been solved. Petals? Check. Ordered and will be delivered to our door sometime during the week before the wedding.

So now, here’s my question: How do I get these bags made during the two or three days before the wedding? I mean, it’s not like I’ll have ANYTHING else going on, right? Oh no, I’m sure that I’ll have plenty of time to stitch up 160 of these bad boys. Sure. No problem.


No problem, my Aunt Fannie! But I think that I might have settled on a solution, and I want to run it by you to see what you think. What if...instead of filling them from the top, I filled them from the bottom? I know, it took me a minute too. I’ll wait.

You see, the hardest part about the timing is that all 160 bags have to be sewn closed. (Yes, dear, I could choose another option to get those pesky bags closed, but I WANT them to be sewn!) Since none of my Maids sew, the task would fall to me. My mom might be persuaded to bring her sewing machine along for the trip, and I might be able to talk her into helping, but it would still be a lot to handle being just the two of us. On the other hand, if I could go ahead and sew the tags on now, which closes the bag at the same time and that part of the project was done, filling them from the bottom could easily be accomplished with ALL of my Maids’ help.

Now the next problem? The bags came already sealed at the bottom. Well, of course they did. They’re BAGS, and the seal at the bottom makes them a bag instead of a piece of folded paper, right? LOL. In my head, I’m thinking that I’ll get them opened somehow and then just hot glue them shut after they’re full of petals. Do you think that would work?

I could try steaming them open...like they do mail in the movies when you don’t want someone to know that you opened it - but does that really even work? I found instructions on how to do that here. If that doesn’t work, I think that they’re oversized enough to allow me room to just cut off the bottom and re-fold after the bag is filled.

Do you think that hot glue will work? It’s my solution for everything these days...if not, I have double-sided tape, and some kind of liquid adhesive that I bought for the hot cocoa bags that I still am debating about making...

What do you think will work best? Or do you have a better solution all around for me? Maybe it won’t be as hard to sew up those bags a day before the wedding as I’m thinking...let me know!


  1. Why don't you make some bags out of that plastic-y stuff that bags are made of. Does someone you know have a vacuum sealer? Use those bags and sew the tops in advance and then use the vacuum sealer to close the bottom in the three days before (don't suck the air out, obviously).

  2. Sarah's idea is a good one otherwise could you cut the bottoms off the bag and seal them back up with a clear sticker or something?

    The bag's themselves are a great idea, my Mum and I spent ages making rose petal cones then venue said we couldn't have rose petals (it's a public garden, I just assumed they would be ok) so they are just sitting in a pile being wasted : (