Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Troublesome Feeling...

Did anyone get a funny feeling in the bottom of their stomach when a wedding item came in?

That’s what happened to me the other day when I opened the box that held my envelopes and this is what I saw...

Yeah, I know. At first glance, you’re like – “What’s the problem? Two packages of envelopes...looks like they match the paper perfectly...not sure what the deal is?” Well, they look small to me.

Like really small.

I’m sure that it’s just that I haven’t looked at my pocketfolds in a while...since I’ve been concentrating on getting the darn things printed out and haven’t started the assembly process at this point...surely that’s it. Right?

I’ll be sure to take one out tonight and try to fit the pocketfold inside...and I’m sure that it’ll fit just fine. It’s probably just me being a worry-wart. But this project has been a LITTLE (to say the least) hard to accomplish with my printer problems...so you can understand my skepticism, right?

I’ve read other DIY bride blog posts where they got to this point during the process of making their invitations and it just overwhelmed them. But at the end, when they were done and mailed and the brides were receiving the compliments on how beautiful they were and how touching it was for the guests to know that you took the time to lovingly create something like this, all the heartache, struggles and headaches were long since forgotten. Kinda like childbirth.

So maybe that’s how I need to think about this process...like childbirth. I’m in the early stages of labor, and the end result will be worth the work. All I can say for certain, is that the cussing that I’ve been doing at the printer HAS somewhat resembled a delivery room...LOL!

Anyone else have a DIY invitation story that they’d like to share with me? Hopefully one that will be encouragement?

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