Monday, August 24, 2009

She Works Hard for the Wedding...

Yeah, that stinks for you, because if you’re like me, you’re now humming along with that little diddy in your head, huh? Don’t hate me!

Man, oh man. Can MOH work or what? We had a list of DIY projects to work on this weekend while she was here and I can honestly say that we got the majority of them knocked out...and I would have been happy with just half of them getting done! So a GREAT BIG KUDOS going out to MOH right now...she was truly my slave for the weekend, and I worked her pretty hard. I wouldn’t be surprised if her fingers and back were STILL hurting.

But it wasn’t all work and no play...she took away some “valuable” new skills home with her after this weekend of work. She has new knowledge of scrapbooking after assembling our invitations all weekend long...and she thinks that most of those tools are pretty cool. She can also wield a heat-gun for embossing like a pro! I handled the stamping and powdering, and she got busy working that heat gun. Yeah, these are skills that she’ll use daily now in her life...NOT! But we had fun, and that’s the MOST important thing! No, that’s not true. The most important thing is that we got SO much done...having fun while doing it was just a bonus. LOL.

I promise that a post is coming with pictures on all that we worked on this weekend. But to give you a teaser of what’s to come, here’s the laundry list of items that I wanted us to work on this week:
1. Invitations
2. Cake tasting
3. Favor tags
4. Flower bag tags
5. Layout for name tags on jars
6. Bouquets
7. Centerpieces
8. Baskets
9. Veil
10. Vases and misc décor

Looking back on things, MAN is that a to do list or what? And it was just for one weekend (two days) not like a whole week or anything. Wow. I really WAS a slave-driver!

More to come soon!

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