Monday, August 24, 2009

Do You Have an Opinion?

Here’s the question for your opinion and debate: Are you in favor of assigned seating? Or against it? And, if you should choose to answer me – why?

You see, I’m on the fence with the whole assigned seating debate. I honestly can’t make up my mind. When we started our planning process initially, I didn’t want assigned seating. But as the months have gone on, I’m warming up to the idea. Could these have anything to do with my warming up?
source 1, 2, 3, 4
I’ll be honest and say possibly. They’re just SO cute! And I have visions and visions of cute escort card ideas. It’s hard NOT to incorporate something similar to my own wedding.

Another plus for me to have assigned seating is that it will give the guests an activity while we’re off finishing/taking our pro pictures. I know it’s not much, but it’s something to do while they order a drink and perhaps have an appetizer (if we have them!). Guests would have the time to find their mason jar with their name and then find their table...I kinda like it.

A down side for me? I always hate going to weddings where there is assigned seating. Not that I’ve been to that many, but it seems so formal, and our wedding is anything BUT formal. Not that I would seat total strangers with each other, I would pretty much keep family together and work friends together and so on trying to create as few awkward pairings as possible. And since we’re older, it’s not like there are a whole lot of singles coming. There are a few, but they’re the exception instead of the rule.

What I do like about a seating chart is that then no one would be stuck where they didn’t want to be. We went to a wedding last year and there was no assigned seating. We selected our table and sat down the kids to play games and wait for the reception to officially start. I guess because we had two kids already at our table a bunch of people then came by and dropped their kids off at our table and they themselves sat at a different table nearby. Nothing at all is wrong with that, but then we were the only two adults at our table. It wasn’t a big deal, and we didn’t really care, but there was no stimulating adult conversation being had at our table...which was odd. I don’t want to put anyone in that situation, so assigned seating seems best.

And that brings up the question of a kids only table. Yes, I would love to have a smaller, lower-to-the-floor kids table. But with 51 kids on the guest list...that’s just too many all put together that would cause some problems. And please don’t hear me saying that other people’s kids would cause problems, because I know good and well that it would be OUR kids leading them around! LOL. So just to be on the safe side – no kids only table.

But what to do about all of the adults? Let it fall where they may? Let them choose their own seating? Arrange the mason jars at a table at the entrance and just have them pick up their glasses with their names and no table number? Or go ahead and assign seating?

Weigh in and tell me what you think, or tell me what you did at your wedding. I’d love to hear some options and reasons behind your choice!

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