Friday, August 28, 2009

The Printer “Beast” is FINALLY Beaten...

I don’t know what the final score should be, but all that matters in the end is that the last of the invitation inserts were printed out and finalized this past weekend. Yep, I beat the printer. I’ll be honest though, and admit that it was close at times.

There were a few days of cursing...many days of cursing, actually. And a few days where I beat the printer on the sides and top until my hand hurt...B got on to me for doing that the one time that he heard it happening. I was usually smarter than that and did it when he wasn’t at home! LOL. But in the end, we’re friends again. The “beast” is tamed and prints wonderfully now that I’m not using the paper from hell.

I’m a little old-fashioned about posting pictures of the invites themselves before they are mailed and all, so I’m just going to be hateful and leave you with these pictures of MOH and I working our little tails off on them this past weekend. I know, I know. Such a tease. Yeah, yeah – you’ll get over it, I’m sure!

Here we are in all of our DIY-glory...

And that tool bag that's open beside me was something that B was using for the weed-eater that we bought this weekend, nothing invitation related!

No, I don't know WHAT that face that I'm making meant!

Man, that stretch feels GOOD!

Notice the different clothes? Further proof that we worked on them all weekend long!

At the end of the weekend, three more name tags lacked being printed off for me to officially declare this project done. Well, that and the envelope situation has to be resolved. I was just SO happy to have this project off of my plate – I don’t think that words can explain the amount of relief that I felt Sunday when MOH left, knowing that this was mostly done. Seriously. It was a LOT!

So as soon as the envelopes get printed, cross your fingers and toes for luck with THAT, this DIY project can be crossed off of my list. At times, I would call this the project from hell, or the project that nearly broke this bride’s back...but like other brides before me have said, they were truly a labor of love and I wouldn’t have done them any other way.

I promise a close-up post as soon as I hear that the first ones have arrived in mail boxes!

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  1. Hey, you finished them, though! That's what counts!
    Can't wait to see them!