Friday, August 21, 2009

Making Love Last...and Last...Part IV

This is it. The conclusion. The grand finale. The last excerpt from the article that I found in my last Glamour magazine. It offers little and big things that you can do either for each other, or as a couple, to help make your love last and last. I hope that you enjoyed Part I, found here and Part II, found here and Part III, found here.

Once again, I don’t want to plagiarize anyone, so here’s the link to the online version of the article...which will also give you a sneak peak since I’m not going to do the whole article in one post!

(**Update! A reader did inform me that the link provided back to the article isn't taking you to the exact article anymore...I will keep the link posted, in case Glamour reposts the article, but you'll have to just wait for the ending in my posts I guess - sorry for the inconvenience. I did receive my latest copy of Glamour in the mail, so maybe they only leave the articles up during the current month.)

The article focuses on things that you can do once a week, once a month, once a year and once a lifetime to help make your relationship better. Whether you’re just getting serious with that special someone, or if you’ve been dating a while, or if you’re like us and taking your relationship to that next level by marriage, or if you’ve already been married 2, 5 or 20 years this article will offer you some good advice.

Once a Week...
Let something go. Argue over stuff that matters, but once a week let him (and yourself!) off the hook for the things that don’t: Yes, he chews his popcorn loud. No, it won’t kill you.
Laugh so hard. Laughter is a relationship’s Krazy Glue: It bonds you. (My own tip – be yourself: crazy and silly and a whole lot dorky in the middle of a store – it’ll get you both cracking up!)

Once a Month...
Disappear alone. We’re not advocating game-playing, exactly. But in this world of 24/7 availability, it can be good for your relationship to each have some solo time. Afterward, you’ll feel recharged, like the free-spirited single girl he fell for once upon a time.
Go to a party! And mingle separately. It screams confidence and makes the after-party rehash even sweeter.
Have sex some way you’ve never had it before. A worthy challenge, whether you’ve been together 10 days or 10 years. Try a new position, buy a toy, play out a fantasy. Doesn’t matter whether it’s really new to you, as long as it’s new to you as a couple.

Once a Year...
Re-kiss your first kiss. All timid and hopeful...and hot.
Write each other. Little love notes. Long love letters. Just something to express your feelings in other ways.
Think back on all the reasons you fell for him, whether you’ve dated for a year or a decade. Some will be big (his extra-dry sense of humor); some will be small (his love of argyle). Make sure you tell him, and remind yourself. Hello, butterflies! There you are again.

Once a Lifetime...
Together, convince a skeptic pal to believe in love.
Have a poor phase. Maybe a rich phase, too.
Count the stars. Know your love is one in a billion.

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Well, that was it. I hope that you enjoyed it, and I would like to thank the writers at Glamour for putting together something that really caught my eye and sparked an interest for me. I hope that you gained a tip or two that you can take into your life and your relationship to make it last...and last...and last...

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