Friday, August 7, 2009

Making Love Last...and Last...Part II

Here’s the next excerpt from the article that I found in my latest Glamour magazine. It offers little and big things that you can do either for each other, or as a couple, to help make your love last and last. I hope that you enjoyed Part I, found here.

I don’t want to plagiarize anyone, so here’s the link to the online version of the article...which will also give you a sneak peak since I’m not going to do the whole article in one post!

(**Update! A reader did inform me that the link provided back to the article isn't taking you to the exact article anymore...I will keep the link posted, in case Glamour reposts the article, but you'll have to just wait for the ending in my posts I guess - sorry for the inconvenience. I did receive my latest copy of Glamour in the mail, so maybe they only leave the articles up during the current month.)

The article focuses on things that you can do once a week, once a month, once a year and once a lifetime to help make your relationship better. Whether you’re just getting serious with that special someone, or if you’ve been dating a while, or if you’re like us and taking your relationship to that next level by marriage, or if you’ve already been married 2, 5 or 20 years this article will offer you some good advice.

Once a week...
And have before-work sex – Put down the straightening iron and heat things up this way. “Weekday morning sex is the secret sauce in a relationship,” says Tristan Coopersmith, 33, coauthor of Menu Dating.
Compliment each other. This one’s a daily to-do, if you can. There’s no nice thing that’s too small to mention: his excellent taste in music, the way he always opens the door for you – it’s all worth a verbal love tap.

Once a Month...
Talk about money. Whether it’s “Should we open a joint account?” or just, “Hey, let’s split the bill tonight.”
Brag publicly about him: his fearless pursuit of the mouse in your kitchen, the armful of hydrangeas he surprised you with, the raise he landed even in this economy. Surely once a month you can think of something that’ll make him blush in front of your friends. He’ll probably get you back too!

Once a Year...
Say the tough thing. The dark family secret. The crazy career dream. If you can’t confess to your significant other, then who?
Cancel Valentine’s Day and invent your own lovey-dovey holiday. Lobsterfest 2009, anyone?

Once a Lifetime...
Have sex someplace that you might be discovered.
Suffer through food poisoning together.

Insert sourced from here.

I’m not really certain about that last one...maybe it should be just suffer through an illness together – food poisoning sounds a little harsh to me!

Once again, I’ll keep posting the rest of this article’s advice in upcoming weeks. Are you enjoying this feature? Or would you rather I go back to talking non-stop about myself? J

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