Saturday, August 8, 2009

They’e HERE!!!

I know that it doesn’t seem like that long ago to you, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these bad the days have just crept slowly by. And then I thought to check on the delivery, so I opened up my personal email and clicked on the notice for shipment and then followed the link that The Tie Bar sent me for tracking. Hmmm...delivered on the 3rd?!?! Wow. Guess we need to check our mail, huh?

Sure enough, once I grabbed the key from the main office desk and went downstairs to check our box, there was an oblong tie box tucked away just waiting for me to open. I didn’t even wait to get back upstairs, but starting easing the packaging open during the short elevator ride!

And here they are...

(Do you like how I snuck in a shot of my Bling???)

You know, they kinda look cool all nestled there together, all different. We had thought that since the Boys were all wearing different black suits that wearing the same eggplant tie would “tie” them all together nicely. But now that I see them all together, they look kinda cool being different! What do you think?

I took the ties with me when I met B for lunch, so that he could be as excited as I am about them. Well, a girl can dream, right? Anyway, we both voted no to the one with just wasn’t quite right. But the rest of them all were cool with us.

I wish that I could keep a secret better. Then I could NOT tell you which one that we picked. You’d have to wait for the wedding pictures to hit the internet before you knew...but you know that I can’t do that! I’m HORRIBLE at keeping the one that we’re going with will be the STRIPED one!

It was my favorite before we ordered them, and it was one of my top two favorites in person. LOVE it. B wasn’t really sure about the lavender stripe in it from the pictures on line, but he admits that it’s sharp looking in person. So that’s one thing done.

I’ve got to return the others and exchange them for the right ones, but otherwise we’re all set on the Boys ties!

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