Saturday, August 15, 2009

70 Days and Counting...

Yep, can you believe it? We’re just a few days away from the big TWO MONTH mark...and it’s official. I’ve been cut off from DIY projects.

Wait. Let me rephrase that. I’ve been cut off from coming up with NEW projects. You see, this is what happens when you’re a bride. You know the engagement is coming (or at least in my case I did) and you start looking right away at wedding magazines. You see some things that you like, and some things that you don’t. You buy a binder (or I did) and you start saving those pages out of the pile of bridal magazines that you blew your last paycheck on (those things are expensive!) starting to compile your “vision” for your wedding.

If you’re a nice bride (like me) you consult with your groom about things that you like and don’t like. You compromise and come to terms with your “vision.” As the wedding process and planning goes on and on and on that “vision” sharpens and becomes clearer, more in focus than it was in the beginning. And THAT is when people like me get into trouble. I’m FINALLY starting to see it all come together. All the little elements that I’ve carried throughout the wedding like a theme are coming together and creating the look that I want and feel reflects us as a couple. And in these last stages of the planning process is where I have gotten the most inspiration.

Now I don’t look at the pretty pictures and think yeah, I like that. I look at the pretty pictures and say yes/no that will/won’t work in our wedding. It’s SO much easier now. Really, it is.

But of course, 70 days and counting...I’m out of time. So B has done the deed. He’s stepped up the plate and put his foot down and said these words to me: “NO MORE PROJECTS...or I buy a motorcycle.” You see, that’s the sneakiness of being the guy. A motorcycle is the ONE thing that he most wants that I don’t want him to have. Please don’t hate me, it’s nothing personal. I just worry. A lot. A whole lot. Forgive me, please.

Since I understand that I’m at the crazy point of being a bride (Yes, Maid Britney actually called me Bridezilla the other day!) I have agreed to his terms. But, like any good woman, I bargained a little first. I cleaned up the blanket statement that B made and we agreed that I couldn’t start any project that I hadn’t already mentioned to him doing. Because, in all fairness, there are some projects that just can’t be started until the last two months...and maybe I already have the materials for those projects...what a waste of money to not do them now all due to a little bit of stress?!?! No way.

And, when there was one project that I hadn’t given him the specifics of, just the general idea, he was nice enough to let it slide in too. Yes, my negotiating skills are at a peak right now! He’s not being unreasonable, just trying to help me. He even agreed that I could do a new project that I hadn’t mentioned to him yet if I could give an equal project to someone else (either paid or unpaid). But I’ll give him that one – it’s a little sneaky. He knows good and well that I’m obsessive and “slightly” control obsessed...give up one of my projects? I don’t THINK so! LOL.

So we’ve struck the deal...shook hands on it...and I am now forced to stop coming up with really cool ideas. No matter how super-duper really cool they might’s not worth my sanity. I hope that he’s noticed a significant improvement in my general mood and decrease in my stress level the last few days. It really WAS in my best interest...
To you brides out there, have you had to be “curbed” in by someone? How did it feel and did you adjust ok? I’m trying to tell myself that it will be ok and that I’ve already mentioned all the really important projects to B...crossing my fingers anyway!

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