Friday, July 24, 2009

A Twist on My Favors?

Now that the cat’s out of the bag on our favors, there are some other options that I’m considering. No, I’m not changing my mind again about making the charitable donation, calm down, Mr. CC! I still want to do that idea, but there are some options that we could have in regards to the charities and the donations.

Something that I saw in a post on weddingbee last week by Miss Taffy was giving her guests “chips” (think cute poker chips) and having three pre-selected charities picked out and selected that the guests can then choose which charity to put their chip towards. So that at the end of the wedding, there are possibly three good causes getting a donation, and the guest gets to select the charity that is closest to their heart. Here is a pic of her mock-up:

I like it. I like that it gives the guests some control over which charity gets their money, in case not everyone shares my love of the American Cancer Society…but it would mean more work for me. With that being said, you KNOW that I’m willing to DIY some cute paper-covered “chips” that reflect our black/cream motif going on with other décor…

But if I do this, I lose the in memoriam feel to the favor that I was initially attracted to. I suppose that I could select three cancer charities…one dealing with research and cure search…one that focuses on offering help to families going through the treatments…and one that focuses more on extended care like Hospice or something. That could work…all the charities wouldn’t necessarily have to be cancer-related, but I’m sure that I could find three different cancer societies out there.

Here’s what I see my options as being:
1. Stick with my original plan and just make the donation to the American Cancer Society and keep this simple.
2. Select three “cancer” charities to allow the guests their choice of where their donation goes.
3. Select three random charities, one being American Cancer Society, for the guests to choose from.

What do you think I should do? You know that I welcome any excuse to have another DIY project going on…but should I just keep this simple and leave it how it started?

Do you have problems seeing things that inspire you and alter your original plans and make them more complicated? How do you avoid it?

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